How to Start Tshirt business India updated in 2020 | Entrepreneur’s Guide

How to start tshirt business in India updated in 2020″  Dinesh writes in simple words for you with only essential details so you can start your tshirt business from scratch. Steps to start Tshirt business in India:  GST Registration with…

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Marvel disney licence

How can i use Marvel Disney Chhota bheem Logo images on tshirts

How can I obtain Licence for Marvel Disney Chhota bheem Royalty Designs and brand image use? I know you are looking at this topic everywhere. I clearly know that You are puzzled how stores like bewakoof, souled store & others use…

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Various Classes to trademark your brand

Various Classes of Trademark – Intellectual Property

These are the various classes in trademarking your brand. Products   Class 1 Chemicals used in industry, science and photography, as well as in agriculture, horticulture and forestry; unprocessed artificial resins, unprocessed plastics; manures; fire extinguishing compositions; tempering and soldering preparations;…

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4 Legal tips to start your tshirt business in India | 2018 Updated

Any business or event or celebration can be more flamboyant with custom printed tshirts. There are only a few things that you need to know about legally doing your tshirt business right. Here we took the time to address all…

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T shirt printing types for your custom t shirts – Tirupur

T shirt printing types for your custom t shirts design: Want to design you custom t shirt. But don’t know what are the t shirt printing types. Here we are covering the custom t shirt printing & providing the details…

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Lycra leggings manufacturers in tirupur

How to take care of your favorite Lycra leggings – 6 Tips for every stylish woman

Buying good quality leggings is as important as treating it good to keep your leggings for long in your fancy wardrobe. Let’s break some ice about lycra leggings – Tirupur : While you buy next time. Don’t get confused about these…

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How to start export business in India. IE CODE 2019 – Entrepreneur’s Guide

How to start export business in India. IE CODE 2019 – Entrepreneur’s Guide Steps to start Export Business in India & Obtain IE Code ( Import & Export Code ) Online It is not just another article that you read…

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Download GST invoices & forms in excel format for free

Yes, GST is a more progressively implemented tax regime in India. Many are against GST without knowing what good that it may do to the nation in the long run. GST is not going to disturb who are already paying taxes to…

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Anti Profiteering explained with T shirts manufacturers in tirupur

Before we get in to anti-profiteering, Lets understand profiteering in simple words. Goods that are manufactured or supplied go through a vast range of supply chain. For example. T shirts manufacturing goes through various stages of buying yarn to stitching…

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TEA thanks Venkaiah Naidu for selecting Tirupur in Smart City Mission

TEA thanks Venkaiah Naidu for selecting Tirupur in Smart City Mission Tirupur Exporters Association(TEA) thanked Honorable Union Minister for Urban Development & Housing M Venkaiah Naidu for selecting Tirupur for Smart City Mission “This will go a long way in…

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Do you really need IE CODE in 2018 for Exports in GST Era – India?

IE CODE for Exports & Imports in GST 2018: In Pre GST Era, IE Code was different and registration for business inside the country were different. So, Business professionals & owners were forced to subscribe to IE code for imports…

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USA to exit TPP will favour India

US to get out TPP will favour India

Donald Trump taking over as the president of United States has already instilled deep plight for IT Services industry in India where as in regards to trade of commodities, It’s a good news that Trump Presidency has executive orders for…

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Dyeing units to get Rs 200 Cr to boost exporters and manufacturers in tirupur

Tirupur dye-ing units gets Rs 200 cr to complete Common Effluent Treatment Plants

Tirupur has been the heart of dyeing industry decades ago which provide employment for over 30% working force of t-shirt exporters hub in Tirupur.  Tirupur contributes over 4% of total export trade & 22% of total garment exports from India…

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Coconut Exports from India stood at 50% surge in 2016-2017.

For coconut exporters in India, 2016-2017 have seen a 50% surge in the export of coconut products. Due to the shortage of coconuts from ageing trees of other countries like Philippines & Srilanka, Coconut exporters in Tamilnadu as well as…

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Exporters in Tirupur - Opportunity Loss - Buyers undercut the prices

Rupee falling not to help exporters in Tirupur – New options to explore

Rupee falling will not help exporters in Tirupur – To adopt loss minimising techniques for benefits. Garment exporters in Tirupur didn’t find any benefits on rupee falling behind 68.50 as the many of the exporters and t-shirt manufacturers in Tirupur…

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mango cultivation might be hit for mango exporters in tamilnadu by climate change

Mango cultivation might be hit by climate change & poor monsoon in tamilnadu

Tamilnadu as on of the leading mango exporters in India will be most probably hit by climate change & poor monsoon. It’s a clear saying that Tamil Nadu’s agriculture has gone to mere drought and this condition has lead to…

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GST Tax Rates announced. Commonly used items attract lower tax.

GST rates announced. Commonly used products to get lower tax.

GST rates announced. Commonly used products to get lower tax. The Indian Government announced the biggest reforms revolution to avoid various anamolies in the taxation structures. Now, Rates with a 4 tier structure has been finalized with rate structures of…

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Why granite still owns the crown? – Granites in Krishnagiri

As granite manufacturers in Krishnagiri & India, We are here to explain why the granite slabs and granite material still takes the crown over the other materials that prevail in the market. We indeed didn’t say that marble or tiles…

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Benefits of granite slabs from granite manufacturers in krishnagiri

Benefits of Granite Slabs & Granite Countertops

Granite Countertops! What is that? Old days are gone. Counter tops are the custom designed granite slabs that bring elegance to the kitchen. Countertops are more durable than any other material and bring more luxury to your kitchen. There are…

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Granite Slabs & Granite Tiles - Buying tips with best granite price

Tips to buy granite slabs and tiles

Tips to buy granites in India for Granite Flooring: It’s not about looks. Choosing granite slabs needs expertise. As a granite manufacturer, We will give some tips to make your choices right and perfect. The truth is Granite Flooring is…

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