Dyeing units to get Rs 200 Cr to boost exporters and manufacturers in tirupur

Tirupur dye-ing units gets Rs 200 cr to complete Common Effluent Treatment Plants

January 07, 2017
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Tirupur has been the heart of dyeing industry decades ago which provide employment for over 30% working force of t-shirt exporters hub in Tirupur.  Tirupur contributes over 4% of total export trade & 22% of total garment exports from India often referred to as “Dollar City” for its contribution to foreign exchange. Over 90% of knitted garment exports from India is done by manufacturers in Tirupur.

Problems faced by Dyeing Units:

Post tough government norms over pollution created by untreated dyeing water, Many dyeing units were forced to shutdown and other moved to smarter technology with automated technologies with better effluent treatment plants. Most of the winch based dyeing units were replaced by smarter & expensive soft flow machines.

Out of 2000 Units, Only 450 Units have adapted to zero discharge with 20 Common Effluent Treatment Plants. Due to tough action from Pollution Control Board (PCB) under the direction of the supreme court, Dyeing Units which didn’t follow zero discharge were forced to shut down.

But treating the effluents had been a hurdle as zero discharge was made mandatory & many of the dyeing units struggled to cope up with the process. These issues were repeatedly taken to the knowledge of the Union Textile Minister & the Prime Minister of India.

The threat to Tirupur Textile Dyeing Industry:

To counter the stringent measures from PCB, Manufacturers in Tirupur has either moved their dyeing units to other states or cities or they get the dyeing requirements processed via units that are out of Tirupur. This has become a bigger threat now to many small scale dyeing units which didn’t have an option of funding or the capacity to adapt the containment of effluents.

Rs 200 Cr Fund for Tirupur Dyeing:

To ensure the support to the small scale dyeing units & faster completion of Common Effluent Treatment Plants in Tirupur( CETP’s) & the recommendation from Textile Ministry, Government approved the release of Rs 200 crore to State Government of Tamilnadu.

This fund, to be delivered as interest free loan, can effectively help 18 CETP’s & 450 textile dyeing units costing over 1,013 Cr  to adapt to zero discharge & other crucial compliance related to environmental safety leading to approval of many licensed apparel brands thereby further increasing the potential of t-shirt exporters & garment exporters in Tirupur.

The environmental specialists, Industry investors, Processing owners lauded the Textile Ministry & Finance Ministry for the fund that would help many CETP’s & dyeing units to come out financial crisis & this initiative will propel the growth of the exporters in Tirupur.

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