TEA thanks Venkaiah Naidu for selecting Tirupur in Smart City Mission

June 26, 2017
Dinesh MJ
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TEA thanks Venkaiah Naidu for selecting Tirupur in Smart City Mission

Tirupur Exporters Association(TEA) thanked
Honorable Union Minister for Urban Development & Housing M Venkaiah Naidu for selecting Tirupur for Smart City Mission

“This will go a long way in the development of infrastructure in the happening city, Tirupur and give impetus to its vibrancy” – said TEA President, Raja M Shanmugham

TEA President said “Tirupur’s export turnover of Rs 25,000 Crore and domestic turnover of Rs 12,000 Crore are achieved without much infrastructure and facilities. Adding Tirupur in smart city mission is a much needed for the city. The TEA president also said that Exporters in Tirupur set a target of reaching 1 lakh crore worth of business by 2020, To reach the Tirupur exporters target, smart city mission would help Tirupur city with better infrastructure development  ”

In General,

Tirupur has topped the winning cities with round 3 for smart city mission in Tamilnadu. Contest for smart city mission is purely based on merit & Tirupur topped in Tamilnadu with 61.77% Read here

Tirupur being export capital of India for knitted wear apparels lacks on various facilitates even though the city contributes high on foreign currency taking pride as ” Dollar City of India” For export companies in Tirupur, Induction of Tirupur under Smart city mission is a dream come to true for the opportunities to be created by more progressive growth.

Roads & Bridges:

Yes. The city is just as busy as the big metros in fact much busier than the metros at times with population growing at a steady phase. With the lack of widened roads & less connectivity between key areas at times bring congestion at Railway Junction Points & Kumaran Road which acts as lifeline to connect kangeyam road, Uthukuli Road, Palladam Road & Dharapuram  Road with PN Road, Avinashi Road & College Road.

If priorities under the smart city to build bridges over Noyyal River at key areas would easily smoothen traffic and city can be more organized in terms of connectivity which will trigger growth via faster access to areas.

The dollar city of having the prowess of holding 90% of India’s knitwear production. It still lacks with 24X7 electricity. Power cuts during production hours add up the cost due to use of generators & also causing an extra carbon footprint to the environment.

Water being the most important lifeline for any city. Tirupur had always a scarce for water due to its natural conditions. Smart city mission would bring water facilities 24X7 would bring a great boost to hygiene & basic human needs in the fast growing city.

At its best, The constant expansion of manufacturers in Tirupur & their factory facilities brings the influx of more working labor from various states of India. The city’s population has already exceeded one million people and it is said to be growing at much higher phase.  With smart city mission,  The city can provide better housing facilities like labour quarters with better water & road facilities.
How Tirupur would transform under smart city mission:

Smart City Tirupur Basic Infrastructure

The smart city mission in Tirupur would rebrand the city to be a more progressive city & would also act as big boost to the target of achieving 1,00,000 Crore turnover by exporters in Tirupur. Smart city mission would also help Tirupur city to progressively improve the basic amenities & access to better living style for moving in working labour. Tirupur being listed under smart city mission would be dream come true for the knitwear capital of India.

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