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How to take care of your favorite Lycra leggings – 6 Tips for every stylish woman

December 04, 2018
Dinesh MJ
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Buying good quality leggings is as important as treating it good to keep your leggings for long in your fancy wardrobe. 

Let’s break some ice about lycra leggings – Tirupur :

While you buy next time. Don’t get confused about these terms
because they all denote the same thing

Here it is – 
Spandex (a) Elastane (a) Lycra (a) Licra all of these denote same elastic (a) Stretch property of a man-made fibre “POLYURETHANE” which has great elastic properties & very lightweight.

How to take care of leggings – View from Leggings Manufacturers:

Yes, it is elastane has started slowly dominating the arena of activewear clothes and woman’s wear. It just kept all the shrinkage issue of the leggings out by leggings manufacturers of these fashionable clothes that come with the variety of types of plain leggings, printed leggings, Lycra Leggings.

With the property of elastane added in the form of 4 -way lycra leggings material, this fabric come back to the same state without shrinkage thereby enhancing the comfort.

Detergent matters! Use it wisely:

Use only quality detergents to wash. Please do not assume the higher amount of detergent powder higher the cleanliness. Elastane would react to the quality of detergent being used thereby losing the shape of the leggings. Stick to all the recommendation mentioned by leggings manufacturers as laundry instructions

Avoid Fabric Softner as much as possible:

Yes, fabric softener is highly promoted by FMCG giants but there are always two sides of the quality coin depends on various factors. Softner promoted to make the fabric of leggings or any other fabric at times becomes a blunder that everyone makes.

what exactly happens to leggings when fabric softeners are used. as you know, the fabric is not completely washed away, thereby sticking to elastane or lycra degrading the properties, in the long run, Lycra would lose its properties and shape out. That’s why leggings manufacturers provide clear guidance for lycra leggings to last longer

Strictly Cold water wash:
“Read the laundry instructions but sadly no one listens”

Yes! Noone listens, As leggings manufacturers, we clearly mention “GENTLE WASH COLD”. Elastane is very sensitive man-made fibre, reacts to various real-life circumstances when washed with hot water, it would eventually reduce the strength of the elastane yarn resulting its disorientation.

Wash it separately: Lycra leggings or your elastane mixed active wear.

As leggings manufacturers, we always recommend washing lycra leggings by hands or lycra leggings packed inside a mess when used in the washing machine.

when lycra leggings washed with other hard fabric like denim and sweaters in the general washing machine, lycra leggings goes through various wear tear stresses resulting in fabric losing it lustre. Treat your lycra leggings like fragile material 

Ironing is a blunder on lycra leggings! Don’t IRON:

Ironing is not recommended on any fabric that has elastic properties, even if you are very much affirming to iron your lycra leggings. Please ensure that heat is kept very low and flow of your iron box should be even rather sticking to the same place. Elastane when prone to heat will bring damage to the fabric resulting in damage to the leggings fabric.

Dry it Naturally:

Our modern lifestyle has brought many innovations in drying our wardrobes but don’t apply the same to lycra leggings. As leggings manufacturers, we ensure all the leggings are preshrunk so drying it naturally will avoid shrinkage issue.

Leggings Manfacturers in tirupur

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