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How can i use Marvel Disney Chhota bheem Logo images on tshirts

January 29, 2019
Dinesh MJ
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How can I obtain Licence for Marvel Disney Chhota bheem Royalty Designs and brand image use?

I know you are looking at this topic everywhere. I clearly know that You are puzzled how stores like bewakoof, souled store & others use Marvels, Disney & Chhota Bheem designs & others.

Unless or until you are a big firm, there is no real feasibility of getting the licence to have designs of the brand.

The procedures for obtaining the license or subscription to their designs is not what every tshirtpreneur can obtain to or way beyond reach for small startups.

How it exactly works?

Marvel is now a Walt Disney company. Walt Disney Company, having turnover over USD 60 Billion, is a conglomerate. so they have all their royalty revenue-generating business reserved for companies having stability in business, Turnover basically with crores of Indian Rupee. The other moderately doing companies too have their own set of criteria which doesnt provide a cake walk to get these licences.

Below simulative calculation is written with a deeper understanding of having discussed with relevant resources relating to these brands. hence doesn’t directly denote any organisation.

Basically to obtain Licence to print and sell any of these brand merchandise.

  1. Your turnover should be a minimum of 1 Crore to 2.5 Crores Indian Rupee.
  2. You will have to submit a proposal stating the projection for the fiscal and other financial aspects.
    The projection should have to the close to achievable turnover details.
    let assume, It’s a minimum of 2.5 CroresAssuming a famous brand charges 9% for retailer & 14% if you sell in the online marketplace
  3. There is a contract involved which stipulates everything to do and not do.This below mentioned simulation will help you to understand the scale of business that you should be requiring.
    Minimum Turnover Required  ₹  25,000,000.00
    Royalty Percentage if you are a retailer  ₹    2,250,000.00
    Royalty Percentage if you sell on the online market place  ₹    3,500,000.00
    If you are retailer (Approx 9%)
    At the time of receiving the designs (30% of Total Royalty)  ₹        675,000.00
    Remaining within six months or as per contract (70% of Total Royalty)  ₹    1,575,000.00
    if you are selling on Online Market Place (Approx 14%)
    At the time of receiving the designs(30% of Total Royalty)  ₹    1,050,000.00
    Remaining within six months or as per contract (70% of Total Royalty)  ₹    2,450,000.00
  4. You have to pay a royalty of 9% to 15% of the turnover made by the total sales
  5. All the designs will be provided from the brand
  6. All the spec and mou’s have to be strictly adhered as per the contract.

Hence if you are really willing to print or embroider or do anything of any sort. You will have to be a firm with a minimum turnover of 1 to 2.5 Crores Indian Rupee to start with depending on the brand merchandise you choose.

To be specific, These conglomerates want anywhere between 40,000 USD to 50,000 USD per year to be yielded out from a licence at bare minimum.

So, it is not with the reach of someone starting with small numbers.

Director clearly explained the consequences if unauthorised use is found which is no less than the amount of money involved in defamation suit of several Big B’s and star politicians.

So, unless or until you have a war chest of Funding moguls. Don’t think of acquiring a brand licence or use them.

Knowledge is free. Please Like & Share

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sandya verma
March 8, 2021 11:37 am

I am absolutely amazed by the amount of crucial information in your blog. This could make the difference between success and failure. It is important for me at this juncture because I am planning to set up a tshirt business. POD does not seem to be part of your business operations .I hope to speak to you.Regards. Sandya Verma


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