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Turmeric Finger Exporters in Salem – Erode – Chennai – India:

Ramsay Exports is the best Turmeric finger cultivator, Turmeric distributors, suppliers & Turmeric Fingers Exporters in Salem, Erode, Chennai & India. Our quality products in terms Turmeric Bulb Exports or Turmeric Finger Exports or Turmeric Powder exports, we take immense effort to make sure that product quality is monitored with stringent measures that intact provides the pest free product.

As we cultivate turmeric ourselves, we know the product in-depth and every step of the processing is taken care. As per buyers requirement, Packaging is done and exported.

Turmeric is a composition of a group chemical compounds called Curcuminoids. Curcuminoids contain curcumin otherwise known as diferuloylmethane, demethoxycurcumin, & bisdemethoxycurcumin.

Remaining composition contain Volatile oils otherwise called Turmeric Oils. which contains turmerone, atlantone & zingiberene with general compounds like sugars, proteins & resins

Turmeric Industrial Types:

Regular Turmeric Or  Curcuma Longa: 

Curcuma Longa is the food grade turmeric used in various cuisines across the world & India but also used for medicinal purposes. It is called as regular turmeric. This type of turmeric provides vivid color with the distinctive flavor and very good staining capacity. Curcuma Longa is highly cultivated turmeric variety and most preferred by turmeric exporters in erode amounting to 96% of total turmeric production.

We are the exporters of Curcuma Longa from India having the very good supply chain to provide a seamless supply of quality turmeric fingers for turmeric exports from India.

Wild Turmeric or Curcuma Aromatica:

Curcuma Aromatica is the cosmetic grade turmeric widely used in making medicinal & beauty products across the globe  & India.  This turmeric variety is less flamboyant in color than Curcuma Longa. Wild turmeric has medicinal properties and is very gentle on skin.

In general Wild Turmeric is costlier than Regular Turmeric due to its  commercial & medicinal properties.

Turmeric Types by Variety:

Salem Turmeric Fingers Exports:

It is popularly called ” Salem Local “.  As we are exporters of Salem turmeric fingers,  We bring the best of export quality Salem turmeric fingers. Salem turmeric variety plants grow vigorous, tall and comes with the slight mixture of yellowish-orange color.  Salem Local is a superior quality turmeric with provides a unique flavor & taste when added to cuisines.

Salem Turmeric Fingers Curcumin amounts to 4.5 % & contains high Level of oleoresin properties. Ramsay Exports offers single polished and double polished Salem turmeric exports. Packaging & Transporting complies with industry standards & certifications. Our offering of Salem turmeric is hygienically processed with industry norms & has the excellent shelf life which are adulterants free with high nutritional content.

Ramsay Exports also exports the finest quality of Salem Turmeric Bulbs.

Erode Turmeric Finger Exports:

It is popularly called ” Erode Local “. As we are exporters of Erode Turmeric Fingers, we offer the best of export quality erode turmeric fingers. comparing to Salem turmeric fingers, It holds all the properties of physical appearances but has only less curcumin content of 3.9% comparing to 4.5 % of Salem turmeric fingers.

Other varieties of turmeric available:

Alleppey Finger with 6% of Curcumin & Wayanad Local with 9.4% of Curcumin.

Organic Structure of Curcuminoids:

Turmeric Compounds - Curcumnoids

Turmeric Compounds – Curcuminoids

As per buyers requirement, Packaging is done and exported.

Specification for Turmeric Whole:

Type: Finger/Bulbs – Polished or Unpolished
Flexibility: Hard
Broken pieces (fingers<15mm): < 5 %
Foreign matter: < 1 %
Defectives: < 3 %
Percentage of bulbs by weight: < 4 % Starch content, max, w/w: 60 % Curcumin content: 4 – 5 %
Moisture: < 10 %
Total ash: < 7 %
Lead as PPB: 2.5
Chromate test: Negative
Acid insoluble ash: 2.5%