Tirupur is set to explore use of wool in Knitting.

June 05, 2016
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Garment manufacturers in Tirupur who traditionally use cotton in the yarn are set to explore wool and plan to foray into new product market. Few cotton based manufacturers have already begun using wool in the manufacturing process. Garment exporters in tirupur and garment manufacturers in tirupur is also exploring the option to use woollen yarn as well as wool blended fabric in the manufacturing process.

Recently “Wool Workshop” was organised by The wool mark company in tirupur witnessed the interest by 150 odd manufacturers. With the support of NIFT TEA, many cotton based manufacturers are expected to follow suit. The Woolmark company associated with NIFT TEA gave away opportunities and details of using wool in the manufacturing process.

ArtiGudal told that Prime Minister’s Make In India campaign is happening because of wool is imported from Australia and value addition happens in India. She also said that India’s wool imports stood at 7-8% whereas china percentage stood at 80%. She also said that sharing global trends like Athleisure ( Athleisure is a trend in fashion in which clothing designed for workouts and other athletic activities is worn in other settings, such as during work, casual or social) would bring enormous potential.

Former Chairman of the Confederation of Indian Industry, Mr Raja Shanmugham said that NIFT TEA will facilitate the use of wool by garment Industry. Wool blended garments will launch in the market in next year. without much capital investment, The industry should undergo the certain change in process methodologies. He is also said that loss or damages and its capital expenditure can’t be calculated at this point in time in this regard. But he said confidently that tirupur will expand into every product from yoga wear, cricket wear, casual wear to inner wear & tshirt exports & more.

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