Granite Slabs & Granite Tiles - Buying tips with best granite price

Tips to buy granite slabs and tiles

October 21, 2016
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Tips to buy granites in India for Granite Flooring:

It’s not about looks. Choosing granite slabs needs expertise. As a granite manufacturer, We will give some tips to make your choices right and perfect.

The truth is Granite Flooring is almost maintenance free, It doesn’t require polish like that is needed on a marble. You buy the polished granite slabs & Tiles and its forever. Granite is widely acknowledged for its durability & stylish looks & maintenance free nature.

So, You are ready to buy the granite slabs & Tiles. But Wait. We are here to guide to do that the best. Building your home, You should obviously read.

Granite Slabs & Tiles Durability:

“The Thicker –  The Better”

Granite slabs or tiles, Buy at least 18mm or 20mm thick granites. As granite manufacturers, we suggest you invest into 25.4mm or 1-inch thickness of granites. It will be more durable when you compare with other thickness of granite slabs & tiles.

Hairline Crack & Large Patches or Dents:

This factor is most important that comes next to the durability of granite slabs. Hairline cracks or large patches & dents don’t & natural grease really affect the durability but it affects the look of the granite slabs that eventually leads to less luxurious effect.

Granite Price:

“Magic is here – You never what could be the granite price “

Yes, its true, Granites in India are of a various type. That comes with various color shades & quality. Before you buy granites, You should definitely need an expert to choose the best granite at the best price.

Color, Design & Patterns:

As granite suppliers and granite manufacturers, we often experience customer ask questions on the look of the color,design for your construction. Here is our say, Granite slabs and tiles will obviously have upper hand on the effect your flooring. Granite flooring is always unmatched if chosen right. Granite will give a very elegant look to the floor only after finishing the entire area. A mere prediction will be underwhelmed to the stylish and luxury it actually provides.

You should also choose from different types of effects to match the aesthetics

  • Famed
  • Honed
  • Polished

Job Work & Effectiveness:

Buying the right granites slabs & tiles is not enough when it comes to granite flooring, Finishing & placement of style plays a bigger role in providing the perfect elegance. They are various types of finishing in granites which you can choose from the catalogs at the time buying.

We are leading granite manufacturers in Krishnagiri. Have queries, Please feel free to reach us @ 9035368934 or write to us on email.




Knowledge is free. Please Like & Share

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