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Make Your Customised Sweat Shirts & Hoodies: is one of the best sweatshirt manufacturers of Mens, Womens – Ladies, Boys, Girls, Kids – Toddlers. We are suppliers of both Full Sleeve sweatshirts & Sleeveless sweatshirts. For gamut of trends, Sweatshirts will have add-ons on demand like funky prints for colleges & professionally designed embroidery for professionals or even trendsetting prints.
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Note: ” Tshirts manufactured with are fastness (4 & up) checked & with no shrinkage problem & will have great fade resistance” hence tshirts provided will be so durable. We ensure & take immense effort in providing fine stitches. Our measurement charts would meet the needs of various markets.

Entire raw materials like wool yarn to cotton yarn are sourced from certified vendors so the quality would be top notch whatsoever. The size ranges starts with XS to XXL.

Our manufacturing of sweatshirts will have the higher GSM to meet the requirement. 100% Combed yarn would be used for higher durability and comfort. Our patterns are made by experts where the detailing and fit would be top notch in the industry. We ensure that fine strengthened stitches are made to bring more premium feel to the product.

Fine Stitches
Quality Assured
No Fastness Issue
Zero Shrinkage
Affordable Prices
Gamut of Colours
Perfectly stitched

Sweatshirts that we manufacture will have Rib Cuffs, waistband, pockets, drawstrings come with different knitting process with the gamut of fabric composition.

Sleeveless Sweat Shirts / Pullovers Manufacturers for Mens, Womens – Ladies, Boys, Girls, Kids – Toddlers:

We are a sweatshirts manufacturers & exporters offering exclusive pattern & ranges of sleeveless sweatshirts. All the sweatshirts manufactured in Tirupur export company will be made of fine stitches with high-quality yarns & other exclusive add-ons which will, in turn, provide your a branded looks to the garment.

We manufacture:

Mens Sleeve Less Sweat Shirts
Women’s – Ladies Sleeve Less Sweat Shirts
Boys Sleeve Less Sweat Shirts
Girls Sleeve Less Sweat Shirts

Kids – Toddler Sleeve Less Sweat Shirts

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Round Neck Sweat Shirts / Pull Over Manufacturers for Mens, Womens – Ladies, Boys, Girls, Kids – Toddlers:

As one of leading tshirt manufacturers in Tirupur, We manufacture and supply round neck sweatshirts with attractive prints and art. Round neck sweatshirts are easy to wear pullovers that are crafted for the buyer’s requirement with state of art designs and patterns. Sweatshirts are finely stitched with great customised sweatshirts of different fabric composition of wool, Polyester and cotton yarns. Round neck sweat tshirts & shirts come with the array of minute details.

Round Neck Sweat Tshirts
Round Neck Printed Sweat Tshirts
Round Neck Embossing & Embroidery Sweat Tshirts

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Collar Neck Sweat Shirts / Pull Over Manufacturers for Mens, Womens – Ladies, Boys, Girls, Kids – Toddlers:

We manufacture collar neck sweat tshirts & shirts with great quality and reasonable best prices in Tirupur. The sweat tshirts comes with collars of various colours. We adhere to highest quality standards and pad with velvet tapes & double stitches where it is required to provide increased strength & comfort. Manufacturing collar neck polo tshirts will come with the gamut of patterns & trendy designs available with best prices in Mirpur export company.

Our product is designed to suit the sweat tshirts trends for men’s, women’s & Kids.

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Hoodies with Side Pockets for Mens, Womens – Ladies, Boys, Girls, Kids – Toddlers:
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Side Pocket brings more convenience to the garment with style with various size ranges & Colours. The trendy design and accurately crafted patterns would provide the pocketed sweats shirt with a top style statement. Pocketed sweatshirts are the most wanted outwear in most markets as it suits the winter style garment with comfort. Sweat shorts with side pockets are available with best prices in Tirupur export company.

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Hoodies with Pocket Zips & Front Zips for Mens, Womens – Ladies, Boys, Girls, Kids – Toddlers:

We manufacture hoodies with front zips giving a sportsman look. The trendy designs & patterns on the neck are manufactured with premium trims & accessories to fine stitches. Vibrant colours act as the addon to premium look to the pocket zip sweatshirts.

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