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Senthoora – Sindhura Mango Suppliers & Exporters in Tamilnadu & India :

we are one of the best exporters of mangoes in india.  Senthoora @ Sindhura mangoes is unique variety of mango that comes with deep red chrome color skin. Export quality of senthoora @ sindhura mangoes from india is a ovate shaped fibreless mango that gives sweet taste with a tantalising flavour .

Export quality sindhura mangoes are medium size fruit that comes in the month of may and holds still the end of june. One of the largely available variety cultivated in tamilnadu and andhrapradesh. Ramsay Exports exports sindhura mangoes. we are one of the best sindhura mango exporters and suppliers in tamilnadu, India.

Sindhura mangoes are mostly exported as pulp. As it holds the taste up to six months. Export of sindhura mango puree is done on tins as per the importers of sindhura mango puree desire.

Sindhura mango fruit exports :

Origin : South India.
Minimum Export Order : One Tonne via Air Cargo.
Export Packaging Details: Carton Boxes with 5 Kgs fruits.
Delivery Detail: 5 Days against Payment

* For customers needing 10 kg to 100 kg for their family and friends. Contact our support for assistance.

Sindhura mango puree exports :

Total Soluble Solids % TSS at 20° C : 14.0 °Brix min
Acidity (as citric acid) : 0. 40 – 0.6 %
pH : 3.5 to 4.5 %
Color : Bright Yellow
Taste : Wholesome & characteristic
Appearance :   Color pulp passed through 1/32 Mesh Sieve size
Storage :  Store at ambient temperature
Crop :   Current Year
Packing : Drum/Barrel
Origin : India

6 cans X 3.1 Kg each per carton. 1000 cartons or 24 cans x 850 gms each per carton. 900 cartons per 20′ Dry container, Aseptic packing 215Kg drum 80 numbers per 20 feet container