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Screen Printing Services – Tirupur India:

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We always made things easy for our buyers.
Our range of screen printing provides best in class quality aligning with International standards of printing tech.

Before providing the details about the services. For starters, we would like to explain things required which would make our process of executing your favourite designs handy.

Design File:

The more high-resolution file ‘you provide, the lesser the time it will take for us to work on design which will eventually result in faster and accurate lead time and delivery
File formats : (.AI, .PSD, .CDR, .PDF, .JPG, .PNG, .PCT)

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Screen Printing: Simply this is how it works

It takes just 5 steps from your art to Amazing printed tshirts:

1) Your designs with file formats would be analysed for maximum perfection. If further development is required, Designer will re-carve the design to attain perfection.

“Never a design is sent to production without approval of tshirt colour & colour shade of the art”

2) Screens are made of the colour separated artwork. We ensure every single time that no minor dots or colour bleeds happen while developing the screens.

3) High-Quality Plastisol or water-based dyestuff or pigments are being applied on the screen and then discharged on to the tshirts. Depending on the need for the design, no of hits is determined.

4)Within in the nearest time of discharging the dyestuff, tshirts are cured for durability factor of the print dyestuff on the tshirt.

5) Tshirts are finally finished to the needs of the buyer. Stringent quality control process is diligently followed to ensure for zero errors

6) tshirts would be ironed & packed in individual poly bags or hangers and safely packed for dispatch.

What screen printing types that we provide:

High-Quality Plastisol Print:

Markets everywhere for every segment exist but quality matters.
What we use is high-quality plastisol dyestuff to provide the print with the durability and aesthetics required on tshirts.

Most durable dyestuff that we use on the tshirts for you.

The plastisol dyestuff gets merged into the fabric. Many times,
we quote this statement gladly to our buyers “Even if you tear the tshirt, you can’t do anything to the print”

Pigment Print:

Pigment print works like discharge. where it gets penetrate into the garment and provides a print less feel on the garment.

Discharge Print:

Yes, this is the print that you see in the market mostly. This print merges into the garment completely. provides smooth feel of the garment. Depending on the colour of the fabric, special treatments have to be made so that discharge flows evenly.

usually, we use it to print light colours on the dark garments.

There are other special printing that looks great on the garment that we offer on our services:

Special Printing: For Special Printing cost would vary.

Glossy Print:

It will look more exactly like a plastisol print but amount of elegance and luxury that is being brought on the garment is unmatched.

Released silicon would elevate your art to the maximum of flamboyance on the tshirt.

Glow in Dark Print:

Just like a radium effect on your watch dial. Glow in dark print glows in the dark & can be applied to the garment.

Glitter Print:

“All the glitters can’t be gold but can be glitter prints”.

It is one of the finest of prints that we achieve with the right mixture of dyestuff and the way we apply & bring luxury to any garment.

What it exactly looks like “It looks like a glittering star along the artworks of yours”

Metallic Print:

It will look exactly like glitter print, The dyestuff with glitter effect would be merged into the fabric wherein glitter print, flakes would be felt on the fabric.

Moreover, we always suggest that metallic even though on costlier side, outnumber the glitter print in sales.

Shimmer Print:

Based on plastisol dyestuff, where it provides the shiny effect to your artwork on the garment.
Print on the garment is so super smooth where you find it merged with the garment.

Foil Print:

It is the most flaunted print of the printing, even though on the costly side. The luxury that it creates to the garment is outstanding where it comes with various finishes like Matt Finish, Shiny Finish, Glitter Finish & more

High Density:

It is mostly used to bring an elevated effect on the garment. No of hits is determined as per the artwork requirement. The high dense effect created for the artwork is so distinct.

Mostly hi profile brands use to elevate their brand names on the left pocket area. You can too.

Puff Print:

It will have a close match to high-density print but gives an expanding or fluffy look on the print. Print gets expanded look having raised look while curing of the dyestuff is done.

Mostly suitable for the kid’s garment.

Black Half-Tone Print:

This is where we achieve the portrait of a picture into black toned real effect picture on the garment. Print might bring rough surfaces on the garment.

Flock Print:

Brings a velvet effect on the garment. Where the touch and feel would be exceptional. mostly we recommend on sleepwear & casual wears.

Neon Print:

This is most vibrant of all print. Mostly old schools designs and drawings look great with this print
For more details. Please connect with us