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Customised Polo Tshirts Manufacturers Tirupur India:

Tirupur Export Company manufacturers polo tshirts for Men, Woman – Ladies, Girls, Boys & Kids. Polo Tshirts are made using various designs and fabric composition using the best in class in garment manufacturing process. Right from sourcing yarn to making your personalised tshirts will have high-quality fabric.

Note: ” Tshirts manufactured with are fastness (4 & up) checked & with no shrinkage problem & will have great fade resistance” hence tshirts provided will be so durable. We ensure & take immense effort in providing fine stitches. Our measurement charts would meet the needs of various markets.

All the polo tshirts are knitted with latest advanced knitting machines and dyed with soft flow dyeing. So quality will be consistent across the garment.

We manufacture custom print & personalised tshirts with various blends starting from 100% Cotton, Polyester & Cotton Tshirts, Polo melange tshirts with Lycra to give extra fit comfort & many other special blends as well. Fastness & Shrinkage is completely checked hence our buyers will not have issues whatsoever. As polo tshirts manufacturers in Tirupur, we cater the buyer’s requirement with various design and colours & styles with specially made patterns & range. Fabric made for polo tshirts will have well permeable which provides greater comfort. Polo tshirts that Tirupur export company manufacture will come with Slim Fit, Designer Fit, Regular Fit & other special designs.

Features & Addons to polo tshirts:

Patches, Prints, Embroidery & other trims, accessories can be added to give that immersible styling to the garment.

Polo tshirts are available with unique ranges that are manufactured targeting various market preferences. According to the requirements of the clients, We use both semi combed or combed yarn to manufacture polo tshirts. Being one of the best polo tshirt manufacturers, To give that extra premium finish, Velvet tape is used as standard on the neck to give that soft padding on the tshirts & foam is being used on the shoulder to give that extra durability to the stitches.

Our polo tshirt design collection would provide a gamut of colours & uniquely made cut & sew patterns that would bring current fashion to your sourcing needs. manufactures tshirts for various clientele so be it be your

Branding Tshirts ( Company Logo Custom print )
Custom School Tshirts – Uniform (Airtex Tshirts to Fine Tshirts that could  best on the children)
Promotional Tshirts ( Events tshirts, festival tshirts)


Polo Neck Tshirts manufacturers for Mens, Womens – Ladies, Boys & Girls & Kids – Toddlers: manufactures Polo Neck Tshirts. As the best tshirt manufacturers in Tirupur, We have various design & patterns catered exclusively for Men’s Polo Tshirt & Women’s – Ladies Polo Tshirts. The measures of quality enrich the total production process with standard operating procedures.

Make your own polo tshirts with Tirupurexportcompany with below mentioned categories:
Polo Neck Plain Half Sleeve Tshirts & Long Sleeve Tshirts
Polo Neck Striped Half Sleeve T Shirts & Long Sleeve Tshirts
Polo Neck Printed Half Sleeve T Shirts & Long Sleeve Tshirts
Polo Neck Fashion Half Sleeve Tshirts & Long Sleeve Tshirts

Polo Neck Plain Tshirt Manufacturers for Mens, Womens – Ladies, Boys, Girls, Kids – Toddlers:

As one of the best manufacturers of Tshirts in Tirupur, We manufacture polo tshirts with only good quality yarn that are sourced from certified vendors. Our high and best quality polo tshirts are manufactured with extensive care for providing that extra comfort and durability in respect to stitches.Plain Polo Neck Tshirts are catered for various ranges:

Men’s Plain Polo Neck Tshirts

Women’s – Ladies  Plain Polo Neck Tshirts
Boys  Plain Polo Neck Tshirts
Girls  Plain Polo Neck Tshirts
Kids – Toddlers  Plain Polo Neck Tshirts
Plain polo neck tshirts properties

100 % Combed or Semi-Combed.
Blends of cotton, Polyester, Acrylic, Lycra & Other Raw materials are used.
Size Assortment Ratio – 1:2:2:1 (S:M:L:XL)
MOQ: 100 Pcs

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Polo Neck Printed Tshirts for Mens, Womens – Ladies, Boys, Girls, Kids – Toddlers:

We manufacture polo tshirts that have spectacular prints be with Fusing or All over print on the polo. It stands out from any other fashion & trends. Polo neck printed tshirts are manufactured with various printing patterns like AOP, Sublimation & others for Polo Tshirts.

Printed Tshirts go well in both formal & informal situation due to the placket arrangement with buttons. We take immense care on tshirts made for toddlers & kids with more eco-friendly chemicals & fastness for Polo Tshirts is closely monitored & quality controlled polo tshirts would be delivered.

All these are priced according to the market standards so your customised polo tshirts can be sourced as more affordable tshirts.

Print Polo Neck Tshirts are catered for various ranges:

Mens Polo Neck Print Tshirts
Womens – Ladies Print Polo Neck Tshirts
Boys Polo Neck Print tshirts
Polo neck print Tshirts for Girls
Toddlers Print polo Tees

Polo Neck Striped Tshirts for Mens, Womens – Ladies, Boys, Girls, Kids – Toddlers:

Striped polo neck tshirts are knitted with superior quality dyed yarn sourced from certified vendors. Knitting process for striped polo neck tshirts will especially be calculated process and knitting mechanisms with modern day knitting machines. Then the fabric is set for various washing technique to bring most premium and professional look to the striped polo neck tshirts.The color combination are extremely flamboyant when it comes to Polo neck striped tees that blends with more spectacularly with white and black blends. More of professionals to their professional attire will not miss the striped tshirts. Tirupur export company manufactures and sell striped polo tshirts at the best prices.

Mens Polo Neck Striped Tshirts

Womens – Ladies  Striped Polo Neck Tshirts
Boys Polo Neck  Striped Tshirts
Polo Neck  Striped Tshirts for Girls
Toddlers Striped Polo Tees
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Polo Neck Cut and Sew Tshirts for Mens, Womens – Ladies, Boys, Girls, Kids – Toddlers:

Tirupur export company manufactures cut and sew polo tshirts with exclusive and impressive patterns. The contemporary cut and sew tshirts are never out of fashion with polo tshirts. As one the best tshirt manufacturers in Tirupur.We manufacture cut and sew polo tshirts with best prices.Opposite attractive colours blends with trendy patterns to provide more kind of millionaire or top brad official look.

Our manufacturing of customised cut and sew tshirt ranges from mens, womens – ladies, Boys, Girls & Kids – Toddlers.

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