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Men’s Pyjama sets Exports – Tirupur – Chennai – India

“Always wear cute pyjamas to bed; you’ll never know who you will meet in your dreams.”

~Joel Madden

It’s time to Sit back and stare at the ceiling.

In a world where relaxation regularly plays second fiddle to a burgeoning workload and ever-increasing technological distractions, it’s a wonder we manage to get any sleep at all.

Night Shirt – It is put on the same as a t-shirt over the head and sometimes has a few buttons at the top to loosen and adjust the neck. Typically, these pyjamas are also made of lightweight materials like cotton and linen.

Onesie – Usually made of a warm terrycloth or flannel material, they also come in everything from fleece to cotton. These are the infant style pyjamas without feet. They usually feature a zipper or buttons that close the pyjamas.

Footed Pyjamas – Similar to the onesie, these come with feet. Sometimes they are just referred to as the onesie.

Modern Pyjamas – The second most popular style of sleepwear for men, it’s nothing more than a loose or snug fit pair of underwear with a light cotton t-shirt. There are many styles available in a wide range of fabrics and materials.

Pyjama Shirts is made to be worn in or outside of the bedroom, and won’t put up a fuss if you throw it on under a blazer, dyed cotton fabric.

From branded pyjamas featuring sports spirit to standard classic wear, we offer range options and come in different colours and designs. Cotton fabric ensures comfort pants topped off with an elastic drawstring waistband for an adaptive fit.