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Men’s Basics Wear Exports – Tirupur – Chennai – India

“Clothes and manners do not make the man; but, when he is made, they greatly improve his appearance.”

~Henry Ward Beecher

Our goal is to help you invest in classic, Normal and versatile clothing. That’s the limit of things with basics.

The approach is simple, we believe that every great wardrobe should start with essential, whether that’s with a men’s basic white tee, hoody, sweatshirt or joggers. This can easily be accessorised with key sportswear influenced pieces which are brand new into classic style.

Keep your wardrobe simple yet stylish with our new arrivals and voila! Everyone’s looking at you. You’re proud because you know you’re the most stylish person there. Our Basic Essentials shops are curated by our buyers to provide customers with fashionable basics that are not only in season and trendy, but also affordable.

For T-shirts, the fabric is tailored to best fit you, shape of the collar and the cut at the back.

The shirt, when it comes to shirts, the collar, and the cut at the back and on the shoulders is the essential elements to take into account when buying a shirt.

Jeans/Trousers, when it comes to jeans and trousers it’s all about being modern and stylish.

The world is becoming a more competitive place and people are trying to set themselves apart from the rest with their fashion, Our contemporary collection of wardrobe essentials is a great starting point for year-round style.
Shop for pure cotton t-shirts, pick range of colours, denim in essential washes and casual shirts.

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