mango cultivation might be hit for mango exporters in tamilnadu by climate change

Mango cultivation might be hit by climate change & poor monsoon in tamilnadu

December 05, 2016
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Tamilnadu as on of the leading mango exporters in India will be most probably hit by climate change & poor monsoon. It’s a clear saying that Tamil Nadu’s agriculture has gone to mere drought and this condition has lead to havoc in the lives of farmers in Tamil Nadu.

Mango cultivation is experiencing poor monsoon & climate change post the impact of vardah leading to close to the drought situation. Premature dropping for mango flowers & misty climate will have an impact on mango supply in Tamilnadu & thereby increasing market prices.

There are two ways mango are cultivated. Few has gone to drip or pipe irrigation to mango trees which will have less impact on the growth where other farmers who don’t have this modern day and capital intensive techniques will be most suffered due to this natural calamity.

Poor monsoon will have less than required produce which will also have a dig at mango exporters in Tamilnadu as the leasing for this mango season has been done at full swing in the month of December starting from Rs 30000 to Rs 2.5 lakhs per acre. More farmers still have hope that blooming will take place in Jan fall thereby stirring a full growth.

Mango exporters in Tamilnadu who have already booked mango trees in acres are worried about the outcome for their investment. The mangoes that are exported & supplied in Tamilnadu are alphonso mango, banganapalli mango, totapuri mango or bengaloora mango & senthoora mango. These mangoes will always see huge cultivation in the mangoes strongest hubs like Salem, Dharmapuri & Krishnagiri.

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