How to Start Profitable Tshirt business in India 2021 | Tshirt business online

January 12, 2021
Dinesh MJ
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How to start tshirt business in India updated in 2021

Dinesh writes in simple words with only essential details so you can start your tshirt business in India. The article is written to ensure that every part is covered to a meaningful extent.

Please be informed that this social article is written to educate people who wish to start things from scratch so point to detail with simplicity is kept as the main agenda & communicated.

I got you covered with details & information that you exactly need to start your online t-shirts business.

Spend the next 10 minutes,
Read the holy blog of starting a t-shirt business and Be a successful “Tshirtpreneur” 🙂

What are the steps to start a Tshirt business in India:

  1.  GST Registration with documents required

  2. Smart Registration for your startup 

  3.  Website & Tools & Technologies

  4. Intellectual property rights for your startup & Trademark 

  5. Marketplaces to sell your brand T-shirt

  6. Volumetric weight vs Parcel weight: It’s very important

  7. Knowledge about t-shirt design & quality & printing types.

  8. Investments & Cost Analysis for your T-shirt business

  9. GST Billing for your state and other states, Input Tax Credit with IGST, CGST & SGST

  10. Invoice formats free download

  11.  How to process CASH ON DELIVERY(COD) orders wisely without revenue loss?

  12. Smart ways to build your brand & Internet marketing tips


How am I going to start a successful tshirt business online?
Selling tshirt online is one of the most lucrative ideas but at the same, it takes time & takes loads of money in marketing.





There is always a big pie for everyone in an online business. Being online is a super power.
No one ceases to exist without making Zuckerberg richer 🙂 to an extent in marketing at the current situation.

” Most of your budget will go on marketing or your inventory stays where you kept it.”

You got to stick to the business for at least one to two years to understand & get hold of it. Do this smartly.

here why do I say that to you,
In the long run, “It’s your brand value & Trust on your brand that’s gonna mint money”

“In business, it’s about people. It’s about relationships.”

It’s not about selling t-shirts online. it’s about creating, nurturing value & building your brand.
In the end, it’s not your tshirt that sells but it’s your brand that gonna make a huge difference & differentiate every other competitor trying to sell products online.


Be very sensitive about your brand.
Never ever leave that clumsy customer to rant about your brand online.
Take that extra mile to fulfill the wish of the customer & your brand grows thereof.


Thanks to the Indian Government for bringing GST. GST has made every process simpler 🙂

What is Class 3 Digital Signature & why should i get one?:

In case if you didn’t know about the digital signature. It is a small USB pen drive device that will have your identity. With Digital Signature, You can sign, authenticate, or approve any document digitally.

Ensure you have subscribed to Class 3 digital signature as it is now practically needed for GST returns & other government processes.

You can get it here 

So, get to your Chartered Accountant.
Register yourself under GST to do your online tshirt selling legally.

The registration cost would be costing from Rs 2500 to Rs 20000 depending upon the type of registration ( Proprietorship, Partnership, One Person Company, or Pvt Ltd) & the auditor.

What are the Documents Required for GST Registration:

– PAN Card of the Business or Applicant
– Identity and Address Proof of Directors or Partners or Proprietor
– Business Registration Document
– Address Proof for Place of Business
– Bank Account Proof
– Digital Signature Class-3

( Just for startups)When you don’t have CO-FOUNDERS:

Being in business is not that easy. You got to be frugal, thrifty & smart.
At the same time, Too much cost-cutting & lack of future proof investments will lead to disaster.

Do anything sensibly that can make your business survive & spear ahead.

Proprietorship registration is more than sufficient to RUN even a conglomerate:) Peace !!


Don’t spend money in the start on anything except your product & marketing.

Government registration is like your wardrobe, can be altered or replaced anytime you want
but the product & marketing is like your blood & skin.

1. The Limited Liability Partnership (LLP) or private limited firm attracts 30% income tax of the net income of the company & surcharges apply as well. Ask your CA to discuss the cost.

2. You got to file separate IT returns for your company as well as personal IT

3. You have too much Pre-registration & Post Registration documentation & filing to be done like DIN, MOU & AOA & AGM & YOY Performance statements with the registrar of companies (ROC) every single year.

4. The cost involved maintaining all this.

5. Separated PAN Card & even reg fee for Limited Liability Partnership (LLP)  & private limited under GST is on the costlier side.

For Every startup without a “VC’s War-Chest “, Even buying a single 1₹ pencil is a cost & every single penny matters 🙂

Whereas with a proprietorship registration,

The proprietorship has just one IT Returns to be filed & No Separate PAN Card is needed.
Literally, No documentation except GST & IT returns.

Unless or until if you are going for shares or equities or planning seed funding & Esops, Proprietor registration is a smart choice.
PRIVATE LIMITED tag or LLP tag doesn’t bring business, Only your top-notch service & products make the business.

More the turnover & margin. More the bargaining power with your bank & investors. So be frugal, avoid the dead cost, Be a hustler.

 These are just options for startups. Decide whichever suits you.

Note: Physical verification 🙁 for GST registration is now mandatory from Dec 2020. What if I want to register my startup at home. Yes, you can also opt for Aadhar based verification of your identity. Read more here


Before you do any sort of registration, Decide your “BRAND NAME”

Brand Name is your identity so think of an easily pronounceable name for the brand name.
Immediately Check for the domain name.

Also, find if there is any conflict with existing brands. You can get the procedures to check for conflict at the end of this article with ip checks code. Keep Reading 🙂

To buy a Website Domain for starting your tshirt business:

The website has become an integral part of a business in this digital era.

I would suggest you buy Website Domains with below mentioned Indian Entities Only. or

Can my domain name & company name be different?

Domain Name registration is nothing to do with legal registration or the legal name of your business unless or until you infringe a registered firm’s name directly.

You can operate your domain name and legal name with different names. But your business transaction and filing of GST have to happen on your legal name of the business, not with the brand domain name.

I will explain it to you with my company: is the web face of my business. Ramsay Exports is the legal face of my business.

Even if you add payment gateway services.
Your website doesn’t require a separate registration with the tax authorities. Your legal face of the business is what required to take the payment gateway services.


How to check TRADEMARKS for your brand?
It is one way of protecting your brand’s unique identity to an extent. 

You got to check with the Ministry of Commerce & Industry of India

there are various classes for different products. Want to check to click here
For apparels its Class 25

It can be done easily. Click on the link below.

  • Enter the name of your brand in the Wordmark Column
  • In the class column. Mention Class 25
  • Then search.
  • If there is a conflict then you need to change your name or get ready to fight the company legally
  • when you check for a brand name – Let say your aspiring brand name idea is “Fliptees” then you should start searching from the word “FLIP” in the words column. so you will find even the closest conflict.
  • Sometimes. if someone would have registered for “fliptee” which the search will not show if you directly search for “fliptees” and it will create a conflict while doing registration
  • make sure that you don’t make the nearest conflict of a word or a sounding word or adding one letter to an already registered brand.

Taking a trademark for your brand name would cost you Rs 6500 – Rs 8000

How can I build a website for my t-shirt business?

You don’t have to be a hardcore techie but a smart business person 🙂
To know about website building. it’s all about your intuition and smartness to learn & build your online brand store.

I have listed down for you ” the smart, easiest & cost-effective ways to build your website”.

Should i use Woo-commerce for my e-commerce store? Why?:

It is part of WordPress. Help you build your E-commerce store with a one-time investment
Approximate cost of creating a woo-commerce store (20K to 1 Lakh )
Product upload & maintaining the website doesn’t require so much effort.
Kindly check on Bandwidth, Execution Time & memory size.
Try to pull all possible static and dynamic files to CDN as much as possible.
Update very frequently in order to protect & enhance Woocommece security.

Should I use Magento for my e-commerce store? Why? :

Magento is a familiar platform where many eCommerce stores have opted in the past & present.
Might require AMC & other operational costs if you are looking for CDN & better servers.
Approximate cost of creating Magento (20K to 3 Lakh).
You will have a certain dependency on the web design company.
Security depends on how capable the software firm is!

Tip: Go for AWS

Should I use Shopify for my e-commerce store? Why?: 

It’s like a CAKEWALK.
Easier to build without any technical or coding knowledge or minimal coding knowledge.

The approximate cost of creating a Shopify e-commerce store would be 300 USD
The tentative annual cost of subscription including required apps would be another 500 USD
You get all the app that can make your work easier. Yearly Collective cost is notably higher.
Shopify is a wise choice for people who wants their e-commerce store maintained hassle-free
It is extremely secure that the backend is completely controlled by SHOPIFY


In order to build a website with “Great UI/UX. An average designer cannot pull it along”

At least to have a good front end, Going with the theme always looks like a smart & thrifty choice.

You can buy themes at approx Rs 5000 to Rs 10,000

Download from & other online website theme sellers.

Search for WordPress themes, Shopify Themes,  Magento Themes, & more according to your needs. These themes will relatively cost less compared to developing it from scratch.

Servers to operate your website for starting your tshirt business:

You need to subscribe to a standard hosting service if you are using woo-commerce or opencart or Magento to keep your website from being hacked.

I have been using Nettigritty hosting service from Bangalore, India for the past 8 years.
I am pretty happy with their amazing email response and they take that extra mile to support if something goes wrong.

You can also use AWS or other legitimate service providers

Payment Gateway (Applicable only for your own website):

Most of the shopping engines has plugins or apps for payment gateway.

there are more famous payment gateway who
charge 1% to 5% transaction & Nominal annual maintenance charges.


How much Investments do i require to start t-shirt business in India:

This is a very crucial part of any business.
To be practical and be aligned with reality.

Start anywhere between Rs 35000 (250 Pcs) to 3 lakhs (2000 Pcs) at the minimum.

Depending on the market that you are gonna target & customers you acquire.
You can increase or decrease.

It will be evidently clear if you are capable enough to push 2000 pcs a month.
You are doing handsome sales with mention-able profits.

there is a sensible deep understanding required.

Any business is not as easy as it looks. if you are at a job now, Evolving yourself as a real business person takes time.

Tshirt business is not that easy as it looks. You are going to invest your hard-earned money & Do not expect ROI on an immediate effect.

So kindly know, Tshirt business works for people with “Entrepreneurial Mindset” who are here for the long haul & having the strength to take on “Rough Seas Ahead”

“No business is as profitable as garment industry & vice-versa of disaster too” So, choose wisely and take steps very very very !!! carefully.

The real point to be addressed is if you are starting with minimum capital (less than ₹ 1 lakhs), it’s better advised not to opt for an inventory model at the initial stage. It’s just precautionary advice. Don’t consider it as discouragement.

But the smart way to find whether this t-shirt business will suit you or wont is to try and test the water.

whatever the niche you are trying to target,
Do it with Drop Shipping Business Model even though the profit you gonna get via drop shipping business model is “BURNT PEANUTS:)” after your marketing expense & overheads.

Once you really find that things are happening &  if there is any sign of breakeven traction, slowly migrate to an inventory model where you can dream of making some good strong bottom line & eventually making a fortune.


Learn FB Ads (Ads Library, Ads, Ad sets, carousal, Ad-copy, Target segment, target group, affinity score, Competitor Research, CPA, CPC, ROAS & Go on….)

Analyze ROAS with COD. Check if your ROAS has brought quality leads.
Don’t get fooled by FB ad experts with their ROAS data show off.

Target age group & Target state is so much important to optimize your ad campaign.


Invest! Invest! Invest! in a professional photographer for your products.

Without proper and stunning images. would someone or you even care to look at a product?

To make that extra sale, Invest & upload high-quality images with all details of the t-shirts.
Images with that minute details sell better.

Knowledge about t-shirts & the quality & Printing types:

Before I explain about the tshirt types & quality,

I will put an end to this misconception.

“Higher the t-shirt thickness is not equal to quality & lower the t-shirt thickness doesn’t mean less quality”



Quality of the tshirt –



You sell to your customer for the first time,
You only make profits that cover only the customer acquisition cost & marketing expense.

You get the repeat customers, liking and obsessed with your quality & Service,
You not only make profits. You connect and build a relationship & influence them then the rest will be history.

With T-shirts Quality:

You need to ensure, the T-shirts or any knitted merchandise, that you make, should not have any issues mentioned below so your product will sell better & will be liked by the customers.

– Shrinkage (T-shirts getting shrunk after wash affecting aesthetics)
– Fastness Issue (Color Lost from the fabric after wash)
– Cracks in Prints (A limited wear and twist stretch of the tshirt should not result in cracks of the print)
– Neps in the tshirts (lints or spun coming out of tshirts after multiple washes)
– Measurement ( this is a very sensitive category where you should be spending more importance)

“T-shirt manufacturing is the most important but finding the best tshirt manufacturer or tshirt supplier is equally important to get your merchandise manufactured with all aspects of aesthetics & quality”

In case you want to discuss for bulk orders only.
You can call us at +91-96888 95559 or Click to Whatsapp.


Where do I get mockups & Templates for my T-shirts:

Two Very Important GOLD MINE links OF Absolutely Free MOCKUPS for starters :
“Learn a little bit of photoshop before downloading mockups from the below links.”

Rest of the mockup creator links below comes with a cost.

You can also find more designs & designers. – Freelancer’s portal where can get your job at $5 approx Rs 350 per design. – You have professionals who can design you top notch designs – where you can buy cool designs for your tshirts – Find some of the world’s creative people who make crazy out of the box designs.Envato Elements ” The coolest way to explore easy artworks”: You can also buy templates, font types and arts as Photoshop, AI, and other format files and alter designs according to your requirements and design intuition. Visit


What are the other design template links I need to refer to?


there are lot of tools to design templates. These are some of the useful ones.

What Tshirt Printing Types you do?

I have already covered an intensive customer-oriented article on types of tshirt printing in our blog.

Read here

Connect to us for bulk orders

Screen Printing:

About 90-95% of the t-shirt printing across the globe goes on screen printing. Famously called us “block printing”. If you have simple text or uncomplicated designs, You can printing any number of prints using screen printing.

If you really need a print quality that exists on the t-shirt till the t-shirt exists, Don’t look elsewhere. Screen printing is you only go.

We at Ramsay, provide screen printing services provide
High-quality Plastisol, nonpvc, pigment as standard.
We also have the pricier option for Thermo- chromic, photo-chromic, Hydro-chromic printing tech.

The Goods:
1. Budget-friendly printing & Cost-effective
2. Screen printing dyes are very durable
3. Less time for printing required than the DTG

The terribles:
1. Setting up time is higher to make screens
2. Not suitable for color having more than 8 colors in printing

Direct to Garment (DTG) Digital Printing:

DTG printing seemingly looks like an easy option but the printing quality is terrible many times when compared to screen printing. The cost involved in DTG printing is really unjustified to the amount of print quality. When DTG printing chosen with low passes, the print gets clumsy in few washes.

To achieve the same quality as screen printing,

DTG is at least 5X pricey than screen printing but logically target consumer will pay the same price

We never recommend this DTG printing for bulk orders.

The Goods:
1. Multicolor or gradient printing

The Terribles:
1. 5X costlier than screen printing
2. Print quality can never be compared to screen printing
3. Printing location is limited & less flexible than screen printing

Sublimation Printing:

Sublimation printing works very well on 100% Polyester and partially on polyester rich cotton fabric. As it is a heated paper press technique, You cannot print a white color (Let’s say” white color text on the dark fabric)

We at Ramsay use sublimation printing for all corporate event t-shirts & Marathon Tshirts.

The Goods:
1. Cost-effective printing tech
2. Can be printing great on Polyester & partially on polyester rich cotton tees

The Terribles:
1. You cant print white color on dark garments


T shirt printing tirupur

T shirt printing tirupur

Take care of all these factors. Your tshirt business & growth would be unstoppable

Whatever the design it might be!
Whatever the quality it might be.



Also, read more about screen printing services offered by




Here comes the most important topic that people find difficult to understand.
Let’s see how your profit works in the marketplace for your tshirt business.

For your tshirt requirement,
You come to us to manufacture your tshirt. We take up your requirement.

Analyze the design and suggest you all the print tech and issues & tips on the tshirt manufacturing
We manufacture a good quality graphic round neck tshirts for bulk orders at Rs 160 + 5% GST = Rs 168

Please note that Tax that you pay to the manufacturer will be refunded as “Refer – Input Tax Credit” to you when you make a sell and file GST.

Now you are uploading the products to the marketplace and have priced the product.
Now comes the commission in the marketplace

Selling price: 499.00
Commission at the marketplace (15 to 20% – yeah I know. Big Deal. Try building your website traffic )
Let’s assume 20%: 99.8 would be the commission to be paid to the marketplace.

Apart from these,
you will have a closing fee or marketplace fee of Rs 10
You will have a courier charge of Rs 45 (For regional or within the state will be less)

The below-mentioned calculation is a simulation and doesn’t denote any particular marketplace.

Commission and charges may vary from one marketplace to another.
Note: Now, GST Tax might vary the taxes you pay

Now, If you are selling in market places:

Selling Price 499
Commission 20% to market place 99.8
Service Tax On Commission 17.964
Market Place Fee 10
Service Tax closing Fee 1.8
Courier Charge 45
Product Cost 168
Total sales tax to be paid after source tax cut 16.95
Total Cost 359.514
Total Profit Per Tshirt 139.486
Tax already Paid on the product at source 8
Tax to be paid on the selling price 24.95

So if you sell a good graphic tee online, this is close to the calculation you need to look forward to. If you are selling online on your website, about 50% cost of marketplace commission will be added to bags of servers, domain names & marketing.


Know Volumetric weight on starting a tshirt business in india

Know Volumetric weight on starting a tshirt business in india

Many aspirational newbie loose things here.
Paying a useless extra charge for the courier is a mindless thing to do.

Dimensional accuracy plays a crucial role with the shipping partners.

Know why.
Let’s say you got your brand ready for shipping. You make a good quality attractive cardboard box without checking the measurement of it & you only check the total weight. which leads to the scenario where you shell out your profits uselessly by paying extra for the courier partner.

whenever you calculate in all the shipping rate calculators, you will find only the total weight, not the volumetric weight.
But volumetric weight is important.

Note: Most of the shipping partners will not make it visible & transparent. you will mess it up after investing the money. I reiterate.

Watch this very carefully, The formula for volumetric weight:

let’s say I ship my products from Lovely Bengaluru to Delhi. I have my t-shirt and box put together weighing .450g.
I have assumed the charges for the courier is Rs 55 for .500 grams

But my box dimensions are 25CM  LENGTH X 25CM WIDTH X 5CM HEIGHT.

Volumetric weight = (L in CM X W in CM X H in CM )/5000

Volumetric weight for my box = ( 25CM X 25CM X 5CM )/5000 = 0.625g

Now it clearly seems that my parcel total weight is .450g but volumetric weight is .625g
Courier partners will take whichever is higher. accordingly, charges will be levied.

Now I am shelling out ₹110 in place of ₹55.
This is because the courier partner will charge a price for 1 kg as the volumetric weight is .625g

So, Make sure that when you design your corrugated design box by keeping volumetric weight in your mind.
Your entire parcel weight and volumetric weight has to be lesser than .500g for courier charge of .500g slab to be applied.

For a single tshirt to be shipped: this might optimal calculation. But play with your numbers and choose what works for you.
make sure, you discuss with the account manager or aggregator for these details of calculating volumetric weight.



“If you don’t know who your customer is, then you don’t know what quality is.”

Decide who are your target customers. You cant sell a merc to anarchists and then sell tin-cans to the kings.

Choose the word “quality” only after determining your niche.
Be a business person, Everything sells. the only smartness is to figure out what to sell to whom.


If somekoof is selling at low prices does mean that you need to go after them. you can still be a souled march to be sold-out every now and then with the right set of products and the right set of margins :).

Ultra motive is “set your own path” Try being different at the same time meaningful.

As I said before, there is always a big pie available in the market.
Make meaningful products with sensible markups.

The market will respond gradually with your laser-sharp marketing efforts in the long run

but, if you are running your business with thin margins or burn cash where it is not intended to, it clearly sounds that you are plightly going to run a bankrupt show in the years to come.


Below mentioned are the direct access to a few worthy Tshirt marketplaces to mention.

These are few of the marketplaces where you can signup and start selling.


ensure to digest returns, silly complaints & replacement issues with gratitude as the customers trusted you and bought the product of yours.

It might hurt sometimes but cope up. More you care for your customers, More is their delight which will lead to more orders and less rant about your brand online which will cost you high on fixing up the ORM – Online Reputation Management.

Other “Definitely Should Know”  things about selling online: Let’s be frank on this:

When there are good, there are evils too 🙂

Non-Refundable Commissions:
Marketplaces burn cash so they charge a healthy 15 to 20% commission, marketplace charges & service taxes on your selling price which is a one-way road that will not be refunded back to you even if the customer cancels or returns your product.

Hefty re-shipping charges:
Assume if your product is returned once or exchanged. You will be paying thrice the shipping cost to deliver the same product but your profit takes a hit.

there are many other things too 🙁 But, that it’s all depending on your product quality and the customer buying it. 10 in every 100 customer does this. which might seem like a loss but as a business, you should care more about your brand.



Managing Multiple Market Place is tiresome right.
Don’t worry. There are tools to simplify the process. Hooray, I got you covered that as well

you subscribe to any one of these services. Integrate your products at marketplaces like amazon, flipkart, snapdeal and other marketplaces. Process orders and inventory management under one window.

Social Media:

You have come here to do business. Every effort matters, Splash your design where ever possible.
Don’t spare even your own social media profile, People buy for you, not for your products.

when your closest circle buys, You can hear comments & improve if necessary.

if you don’t promote, your customers will forget you.
The more customers reach you directly, the More money you make even if the total sales are average.

If you are shipping directly to your trusted customer, If they find an issue of size or fit,
Don’t even think twice, Gladly tell them to return it back & ship the next size or fit or refund.


Yes, In the tshirt business, Marketing takes a big pie to generate sales. Even though word of mouth works. But it will not lead to convincing numbers in terms of sales and profit. You will have your Profit & Loss sheet horrible if you don’t start marketing.

Guerrilla Marketing or other crazy promotional stunts can bring surge only to some extent.

At some point sooner, You got to spend at-least 40% of your profits Month on Month for marketing your tshirts to grow your tshirt business.

Use Google Adwords, Facebook ads & other paid marketing services.

Take this with a pinch of salt wit Ads:

when you are building your brand. Ads are the only go.
Ads have both bad and good things.

On my experience of spendthrifting on Ads,
Ads will bring traction, customers. but as soon as you stop the ads,
Your sales figure will plunge. Get ready to accept it and spend wisely.


In a country like ours, Cash On Delivery works for e-commerce giants as they do have validation SOPs in place whether to provide COD for a particular customer or reject. & having their own logistics arm makes it less chaotic.

Few Customers in INDIA change their minds all of a sudden with less or no value to their earlier actions.

You will end up allocating manpower just to call & follow up these mindless bafoons who place a COD order & don’t pick calls or just disappear.

COD might look like an attractive option if you run the show with huge margins but def not for a t-shirt startup if it might be an inventory model or drop-shipping model.

it’s better & wise to create & nurture a loyal fan base who can trust & opt for Prepaid Payment.
Logically prepaid order gets delivered faster than a COD order.

The puzzle is not many talks about COD Pain points. the few mindless COD customers who don’t realize that startups take immense care about their product in providing quality & offering consumers “A great value”

RTO means “Return to Origin”
if the courier partner couldn’t deliver your shipment for any reason to the customer.
They mark it RTO and the parcel comes back to the origin “Your pickup warehouse”

RTO is very painful. You will lose at the tentative Rs 150 on COD-RTO per shipment.
The amount of RTO in COD orders is comparatively very high than the amount of RTO in prepaid orders.

WHY COD is a pain in the clouds?.

Take it with the grind of salt if you are offering COD. Be very careful on offering COD.

I ain’t joking. I have added real-time data of my online t-shirts store
I sell great quality plain t-shirts online in India

We run ads every now and then just to test the waters. the delivery result we got from COD was terrible.

After going through the data provided below, you will be able to understand, why you see most of the startups in the t-shirt space don’t give a dam about COD even though it hurts few loyal COD customers just to avoid harassment from a few mindless bafoons.

To be noted, in the same campaign – Winning Ad,
not even one online paid order was marked RTO or had difficulty in delivering to my surprise or not even a customer of ours had to call us to check the status of the order.


Note: We had a verification SOP in place for COD orders. We verified twice before shipping a COD order.
We verified once via IVRS verification & the second time, we had a person in real to call & confirm,

then this data happened.





Considering the legal infrastructure of the startups, Most would be in the situation of pain when RTO happens for no reason & you cant do something about it aggressively.

I don’t say that this is a final mantra but it helped us to an extent to arrest the RTO’s on COD orders on our own retail channel & startup brands that we work with as well.

Keep this as a Layman’s KPI for COD orders:)

1. We have strong IVRS & follow-up Calls placed as a mandate.

2. We check for proper address or address-related information with Gmaps & make decisions for approval.

3. We have put compulsory verification of OTP up on placing COD Order.

4. We provide less preference or cancel the COD orders placed from a village or interior parts unless we find it logistically acceptable with SOP’s.

5. We tend to verify the similarities with the email id and name provided.

6. We tend to verify the authenticity of the phone number via True caller.

7. We make sure that manual calls & WhatsApp order verification are placed if we find the above checkpoints unsatisfactory.

8. Last but not least, We really wanted to mercilessly screw those jokers “Big time” who place orders & disappear but we disgustingly respect them as fellow humans & ignore them & their orders with peace :).

& Finally, we process COD orders with the above criteria & we get less than 10% RTO.

At times,
Considering the unavoidable understandable situation of the customer & providing flexibility to the genuine customer, is important for customer delight.
“Good Leads should be never wasted” 

This works! but there are also chances where you might lose few worthy customers.
Choose what’s wise for yourself.


Check More :

Thirdwatch is the kind of community that every Shopify website that provides COD to their customers, has to join.
Thirdwatch being an artificial intelligence-oriented program & app we have installed on our website to analyze fake COD orders.

How it notifies:

As shown below, for every order it analyses the existing data that use the same or various shipment platforms & unify the data to predict the chances for delivery for COD order & reduce RTO.


It also helps you indirectly optimize the marketing campaign.
You can analyze insights on a daily basis to understand how well the ad campaigns generate results & quality leads.
You can also have an upper hand in holding the collar of “AD-Expert Team” if there are more low-quality leads being generated for the said ad-spending.
By using thirdwatch, Providing false ROAS data can never happen.



This is how thirdwatch detects & reports fradulent orders on your shopify admin panel.



Be extremely customer friendly. Show them that their payments are protected.
When you are in the service industry with loyal customers, it is beautiful to address their concerns with so much courtesy & content. Fortunes are built only this way, not with loads of marketing money.

Providing return pickup at the doorstep is mandatory
Do not harass the prepaid customers by asking them to self-ship.

The refund policy should not provide any panic to the prepaid customer.
Offer refunds to customers on their original mode of payment.



If you run your business, make sure that you control all of the things.
Giving out the slightest of independence to a third party will lead to unwanted discrepancies.

Few lay a trap and once you fall, you cant get out of it.
None should be a monopoly in determining things for your business.

This world is very unique. Not all fingers are the same.
Business segments are different. Consumers are different. Their mindsets are different.
So, think before you click on a link(trap) from any third party.

Business is purely an emotional thing for the founder or the founding team.
So ensure that there is an enormous amount of cautiousness to be practiced.

Awareness is so important before taking up any services online.



marketing my tshirt brand

marketing my tshirt brand 

1. If you are a B2C Company. You got to be in INSTAGRAM

2. Social Media – Giveaways works like magic.

3. Engage with social influencers

4. USER GENERATED CONTENT – Increase BRAND IMAGE – Ask big influencers to write about your brand & T-shirts.

5. They are a ton of chaps and rookies – Youtube Marketing – bring that additive wow factor

6. B2C Business Ask for a testimonial. Brands like MARCHTEE & NORTHMIST & Others earn trust (WOM – Word of mouth)

7. PR AGENCIES – Even in 2050 it works – Gains traffic – healthy for your brand.

8. Don’t Spendthrift – Fix a spending budget – Promote via Ads.

9. Pinterest is evergreen, a great linker, and a traffic generator across the globe. Know PINTEREST LENS

10. Write blogs for the consumers – Say it sharp & clear. Don’t be a wordsmith. Steve Jobs spoke “Simple English”

11. The main thing is to provide your Name of the company , Address, phone number clearly accessible to the visitor. (NAP Factor on conversions)

12. Learn Remarketing

13. Get Visual. Learn to know the emotion of spendthrifts. ” Buy 1 at 599 & Buy 2 at 699″

14. AI-powered chatbots sorting the basics queries & Business Automation Plays a key role to bring confidence.

15. Focus on Customer Retention – Get Loyalty Programs by offering personalized coupons & targeting.

16.  Responsible consumerism is bound like never before as part of promotion and CSR – Find smart ways.

17. Integrate Push Notifications ( its annoying but every business is concerned about doing it) & Whatsapp marketing

18. Consumers Want Transparency and want to be aware of what they pay for. before shelling that cents. Make it Clear & Clear.

19. Capture emails and start munching personalize campaigns based on their buying patterns. Personalized has a higher CTR.Don’t do a crude mail merge. it’s one of the big jokes in 2021 email marketing comparing opening rates of Indian Email User.

Ok chalo take it!. Use Klaviyo, Omnisend, Mailchimp, or privy whichever suits you for email marketing. but be sensible. 

20. Last but not least. B2C is always & all about how did you make a “Feel Good Factor & Value” on a purchase.
Relate that Vodka shot spree of the crowd behind value marketing in recent times of “MARCH TEE”

21. Know about Facebook Pixel
Know about Facebook ads
Know to Target audiences

The Facebook pixel is code that you place on your website. It collects data that helps you track conversions from Facebook ads, optimize ads, build targeted audiences for future ads, and remarket to people who have already taken some kind of action on your website.




Setting Goals will help you move mountains:
You need to set unrealistic goals. Your goals & targets should give you sleepless nights.

“If you want to shine like the sun, you have to burn like it” – Adolf Hitler

Last but not least: Passion

If your love for the tshirt business is not strong or if you are not passionate enough, Whatever I said and guided “It’s not for you”

Be extremely indomitable to make your efforts worthwhile.
You got to understand, Not all month will have great sales.
The business will have its ups and down.

If you don’t enjoy the process, You will end up quitting at some point.

Passion, Patience & perseverance.
It’s all it takes for you to become a successful & unstoppable “TSHIRTPRENEUR”

For more information of tshirts:

Anti Profiteering explained with T shirts manufacturers
T shirt printing types for your custom t shirts – Tirupur
4 Legal tips to start your tshirt business in India

How should I tax my t-shirts in GST?

Before knowing about how to tax for the t-shirts.



610910    T shirts, singlets and other vests, of cotton, knit
610900    Garments
610990    T shirts, singlets etc, of material nes, knit




611090    Pullovers, cardigans etc of material nes knit
611010    Pullovers, cardigans etc of wool or hair, knit
611030    Pullovers, cardigans etc of manmade fibres, knit
611012    Jerseys, pullovers, cardigans, waist coats and sim. arts., knitted or crochet …
611020    Pullovers, cardigans etc of cotton, knit
611019    Jerseys, pullovers, cardigans, waist coats and sim. arts., knitted or crochet …
611011    Jerseys, pullovers, cardigans, waist coats and sim. arts., knitted or crochet …

DONT BELIEVE in less than 40 lakhs turnover, “GST not required cliche”
You are losing money on INPUT TAX CREDIT for no reason.

It is always good to register your firm under GST as it will directly impact your bargaining power with banks during loans.

Tax paid by you to the manufacturer will be rebated while you file the purchase bill in GST

There are two slabs.

Slab 1: Garments sold less than Rs 999 Garment will incur 5% GST
Slab 2: Garments sold more than Rs 1000 and higher will attract 12% GST

How should I tax my customers?

Let’s say. As tshirts manufacturers in tirupur.

If I sell t-shirts to buyers “Inside Tamilnadu“, I will have to use CGST 2.5% and SGST 2.5% and pay a total of 5% GST.

To Download, Invoice Format Click Here  ( Selling inside your respective state)

Let’s say If I sell t-shirts to buyers “Outside Tamilnadu“, let’s say I manufacture custom tees to ship it to Mumbai or Delhi or Bangalore.  I will have to use only IGST 5%.

To Download, Invoice Format Click Here ( Selling outside your respective state)

All the above changes to be done on the invoice. If you selling tshirts within your respective state, then CGST & SGST. If you are selling tshirts outside your respective state, Then you got to use IGST.


If you opening your website using shopify. Then setting taxes might be a puzzle for some.
We took some time to make it easy for you.

We have made it easier to know the Country tax, Instead of % Tax & Added to % tax & more.

Read it by clicking on the banner below.

What DTG printer i should buy?

Epson has released new printed this may 2018.
Epson calls it Epson Surecolor F2130

As far as the cost is concerned,
According to my interaction with EPSON, The DTG printer costs you 9- 12 – 14 Lakhs INR incl of GST.
Epson SC2130 brochure here






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