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Tshirts Orders:

What is your minimum order quantity for Plain Tshirts?

MOQ – Minimum Order Quantity
For Plain Tshirts – 500 pcs per color for Super Combed Cotton with bio-wash (190 and 165 GSM)(Premium Quality)
For Plain Tshirts – 300 Per Color for Combed cotton with Bio-wash ( 160 and 180 GSM) ( Provided 500 – 1000 Pcs of Total Order Quantity per order cylce)

What is your minimum order quantity for Customised Printed Tshirts?

Yes. Customization is possible with moq of 200 pcs per design & style with assorted sizes from S to XXL & more.
Design means per print ( Avengers print on black t-shirt)
Style means per color t-shirt ( black Tshirt 200 pcs with assorted sizes)

Also, we do accept bulk orders of 4XL 5XL 6XL 7XL  based on request ( Subjected to availability).

Can I get customized label of my brand?

Yes, You can get customized labels and hang tags at a cost for orders exceeding a total of 500 pcs per order.

Customized label at the back neck can be heat transfer print or woven label. Please mention the size of the customised label.
Hang Tags provided from our end is at least 300 GSM to ensure the premium handfeel experience.

Can I order a sample?

We can send samples based on the requirement provided development cost will be observed only if the order is placed. The usual sample time is 7 working days.
Charges will be notified at the time of discussion.

What are the shipping charges?

Goods are safely packed as per the packing requirements & We ship all your goods via reliable logistics partners across India & Globe to door deliver promptly for  accessible pin codes & Zipcodes

Shipping charges range starting Rs 6 to Rs 100 per tshirt for India depending on Pincodes ( Only for Bulk Orders)(Includes Door Delivery)
Shipping charges range for exports ( Refer DHL ) varying with ZIP Codes or C&F

What is your return policy?

All garment made does go through pre-approved criteria by the buyer with regards to style, fabric & Other accessories and trims via critical path(CP).
So if there are any meaningful acceptable deviations by industry standards, we would consider options.

What is your Lead Time for manufacturing?

Lead times will vary based on the order size. We take up orders starting from 200 pcs to 1 Lakh Pcs. So lead time would vary from 15 working days to 90 working days.

Do you Manufacture T-shirts or do wholesale?

Currently, All orders are manufactured on the basis of “ MADE TO ORDER ONLY”. Orders will be ethically made based on the Requirement.

How to determine the color – whats standard do you accept?

We accept Pantone TCX & TPX as standard. We do not accept C-Book or RGB or HEX.

Do you send the pictures or videos of every ordered product?

We do not provide any PR or Media related services.

Do you provide Drop Shipping Services?

OH NO! Don’t ask us. We say the truth.

We always felt & feel & will feel that the TSHIRT dropshipping model is a cliche as a business model & Great model for wantrepreneurs not entrepreneurs. Dont get blinded by revenue numbers that is flaunted on the internet – many have felt their “P & L is a mayday”. Intent of any business is to run the business profitably. Learn to do “P&L” along with the SWOT Analysis  about the sustainability. Anytime, Anyday, An Inventory based business will at least get to “Breakeven Point” at some point & meet numbers and be revered as a profitable business.

So why, Ethically We neither like to provide Tshirt Dropshipping services nor we do accept any orders of this kind. “We take only bulk orders”