Coir exports from India to surpass Rs 2000 crore mark in 2015-2016.

June 03, 2016
Dinesh MJ
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Coir Exporters from India rejoice as coir exports from India Is about to cross Rs 2000 Cr. Chairman of coir board Mr C P Radhakrishnan  has said that coir board has planned to double the coir exports from the present value in next three years. Board also said to enhance the coir industry by the means of advancement in technology being used and to increase productivity.

Exports of coir products from India showed a steep rise due to main buyers like china, US, Netherlands & south Korea whereas china is leading the class. Coir exports touched 7,52,020 tonnes valuing at 1901.62 Crores for the year 2015-2016 which is just a 20 percent rise in quantity & 17 percent increase in value than 2014-2015.

Coir Pith is leading the class showing a 24 % of coir products exports over coir products like the tufted mat, Coir geotextiles, handloom mattings, power loom mat and coir carpets & rugs. The chairman also said that 20,440 million nuts contributed as raw materials that constitute over 45% and board is planning increase the utility to over 60% in coming five years.

Coir board is keen to establish talks with all the modes of transport and mining industries to use of coir to prevent soil erosion and use coir pith over mine dumps for a green cover.

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