Coconut Exports from India stood at 50% surge in 2016-2017.

January 06, 2017
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For coconut exporters in India, 2016-2017 have seen a 50% surge in the export of coconut products. Due to the shortage of coconuts from ageing trees of other countries like Philippines & Srilanka, Coconut exporters in Tamilnadu as well as India saw a considerable rise in shipments & demand for instant coconut products like Copra, Fresh coconut, coconut oil & desiccated coconut.

2016-2017 had achieved coconut export numbers of 1447 crore in the month of November comparing to 2015-2016’s total coconut exports value of 1450 Crore.

Activated Carbon – Coconut Exports:
¬†“Activated Carbon” boosted coconut product exports by 8% at 466 Crore at the eight months outnumbering the total 2015-2016 export of activated carbon.

Desiccated Coconut Exports:
Having four more months in the year, Desiccated coconut exports from India quadrupled to 112 Crore on the 8th month of 2016-2017.

Copra Coconut Exports:
Copra coconut exports have surged three times at 94 Crore.

The important role is played by coconut suppliers in Tamilnadu. There was a huge supply for coconut exports from Tamil Nadu which indeed helped to be so competitive in the international market outnumbering the prices of the other leading coconut exporters across the globe.

Coconut exporters were able to be competitive marginally quoting at Rs 110 per kg comparing to Rs 130 of Srilankan coconut exporters.

Mr Vasanthakumar VC of coconut development board said that Indian Coconut Oil prices were higher till the last feb. Due to fall of international prices by 30%, Coconut export companies in India had seen bulk quantity shipment of fresh coconut & coconut export products.

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