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Coconut Exporters & Suppliers – Tamilnadu:

Ramsay Exports is one of the reliable coconut exporters in India & Coconut suppliers for Chennai, Bangalore &Tamilnadu. We are agriculturist who cultivates coconuts on our farms with new agricultural natural techniques to yield good coconuts and source coconuts across Tamilnadu without quality controlled mechanism. All our coconut India supplies to our global customers will be free from impurities and every coconut is controlled by quality checks before exported to our export partners across the world & the same quality of coconut supply is being done across India as well.


Ramsay Exports – Coconut exporters in India

Get the best price for Coconut Exports in India:

Trust us without a dot of a doubt on the pricing strategy, we don’t buy it from agencies or commission agents or someone who is one of the third of third broker who deals with the final pricing. we bring a direct connect and direct prices to your doors. as we procure directly from the farmers and take it our processing centre and all the quality checks are being performed and packed and transported to the buyer or our customers from the exclusive facility. Our coconut importers will definitely get the best prices for the Coconuts supplies from your reliable coconut suppliers in India. That’s us!

Connectivity and Facility for the fresh coconut exports:

As one of the reliable coconut exporters and coconut suppliers in Tamilnadu, we have ample amount of space at our processing centre to stick to the quality we promise to our customers. we are connected to airports & shipyards at 2 to 4 hrs of reach so connectivity is hassle free for a coconut exporters like us to reach on time with goods for our customers.

Coconut By-Products:

Ramsay Exports is a reliable coconut exporters and coconut suppliers in India, we also deal with coconut fibre made coconut fibre ropes, coconut fibre peat ( Coconut coco Peat), Coconut Fibre floor mats,  Coconut fibre made coconut Mattresses and seating systems.

All these coconut made products supplied under coconut exports are non-hazardous and will pose no risk to the person using it.

As one of the leading coconut exporters in India, Ramsay Exports performs a most reliable operation as a coconut suppliers in India. we also provide coconut supplies with industry standard price or less, top notch quality, timely delivery in coconut exports which trend sets us a reliable coconut exporter.

We also deal with other coconut by-products for coconut exports as a reliable coconut supplier.

Main Products:
Semi Husked Coconut Suppliers & Exporters
Fully De-Husked Coconut Suppliers & Exporters

Semi Husked & Fully husked coconut exporters & suppliers  – Tamilnadu, Chennai, Bangalore:

Ramsay Exports is a prefered coconut supplier in Tamilnadu, chennai and Bangalore to many of the hotel chains & restaurants. we are semi husked coconut suppliers & fully husked coconut suppliers supplying to entire south India. As leading coconut suppliers in Tamil Nadu, We have husked coconuts of different sizes and ranges supplied across the country.

Packaging of semi & fully husked coconuts:

Our coconuts supplies are grown in water surplus areas with essential  manures that gives better taste and nutrient quotient. our husked coconuts are packed with thick poly bags or in a preferred manner asked by the customer so that husked coconut supply remain in the same condition when reaching customers. As a coconut manufacturer in India, our manpower are trained to take proper care to husk out the fresh coconut.

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Tender Coconut Suppliers & Exporters
Tender Coconut exporters & Suppliers chennai, bangalore, Tamilnadu :

Ramsay Exports is a prefered partner as coconut exporters in India & coconut suppliers in Tamilnadu to many of our clients. We own farms where we harvest tender coconut at times and process it according to our customers requirement for coconut exports. We also source tender coconuts from farmers directly to ensure to keep the coconut supply meets the exclusive coconut price. As a reliable tender coconut suppliers in tamilndu & Chennai, we source tender coconuts that are harvest by both organic farming & inorganic farming as well.

 As a quality oriented Tender coconut exporters in india, we ensure that the checklist for quality controls is followed every time including the certifications. Ramsay Exports has a capacity and potential in supplying huge quantities of tender coconut with demand time. The quality control doesnt involve any chemical processing to retain the original taste for coconut exports in india.

Coconut Copra Suppliers & Exporters in Tamilnadu, Chennai & Salem :

Ramsay Exports can provide coconut copra around the year. As reliable coconut suppliers in Tamilnadu, we ensure that the coconut copra is high in quality and nutrient content. Coconut copra is prepared by smoke or the sun or kiln applied to the fresh evenly broke coconut husk with the coconut.

Coconut copra supplied will have desired features of coconut copra like high oil content and min moisture content. The coconut copra is reaped at right stages to yield high and optimal nutrient value directly means high in protein.

As coconut copra suppliers, we ensure that coconut copra is packaged to sustain long distance transitions. we are best coconut suppliers in Tamilnadu, we will only quote the market competitive prices. we can supply milling copra, edible copra and oil copra in whatever the quantity and quality the buyer prefers.

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