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How to Start Tshirt business India updated in 2017 | Entrepreneur’s Guide

July 21, 2017
Dinesh MJ
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How to Start Tshirt business in India-

If you are here to know how to start your successful online t shirt business. You are awesome. As tshirt manufacturers, I am at a place to guide you & explain the hardships & smart ways to make your tshirt entrepreneur journey “a successful one”.

I got you covered with details & information that you exactly need to start your online t shirts business.

Spend the next 10 Minutes, Be a successful “Tshirtpreneur” 🙂


How am I going to start a successful tshirt business online?

Selling tshirt online is one of the most lucrative ideas but at the same it takes time. You can’t become a Shopperstop or Zara or Unlimited or Myntra overnight

You got to stick to the business for at least one to two years to understand & get hold of it.
When you do this smartly. There is nothing in this world that has the power to stop you from going big.

here why do I say that,

In the long run, “It’s your brand value & Trust on your brand that’s gonna mint money”

It’s not about selling tshirts online. it’s about creating, nurturing value & building your brand.
In the end, it’s not your tshirt that sells but it’s your brand that gonna make a huge difference & differentiate every other competitor trying to sell products online.


Be very sensitive about your brand.
Never ever leave that clumsy customer to rant about your brand online.
Take that extra mile to fulfil the wish of the customer & your brand grows there of.

What do I need to start t shirt business online in India?

– GST Registration
– Website & Tools & Technologies
– Investments
– Knowledge about tshirts design & quality & printing types.
– Knowledge & Awareness about market places
– Smart ways to build your brand

GST Registration:

Thanks to Indian Government for bringing GST,

There are no longer waiting days for registering your business & No unprecedented bribe situation anymore. My country “India” is growing at unprecedented phase moving towards Clean Governance.

GST has made every process simpler 🙂

All you need is proper documents & upload it online. You get your GST Registration at ease.
All the registration is linked to PAN card of your company or an individual’s Pan card.

Class 2 Digital Signature:

Ensure you have subscribed to Class 2 digital signature as it is now practically needed for sales tax and service tax returns & other government processes.
You can get it here 

So, get to your Chartered Accountant.
Register yourself under GST to do your online tshirt selling legally.

The registration cost would be costing from Rs 2500 to Rs 20000 depending upon the type of registration ( Proprietorship, Partnership, One Person Company or Pvt Ltd) & the auditor.

Documents Required:

– PAN Card of the Business or Applicant
– Identity and Address Proof of Directors or Partners or Proprietor
– Business Registration Document
– Address Proof for Place of Business
– Bank Account Proof
– Digital Signature Class-2

Website & Tools & Technologies:

Before you do any sort of registration, Decide your “BRAND NAME”

To buy a Website Domain for starting your tshirt business:

The website has become an integral part of a business in this digital era.

I would suggest you buy Website Domains. or

Let me put an end to this misconception for you & doubts:

Domain Name registration is nothing to do with legal registration or legal name of your business unless or until you infringe a registered firms name directly.

You can operate your domain name and legal name with different names. But your business transaction and filing of sales tax have to happen on your legal name of the business, not with the brand domain name.

I will explain it for you with my company: is web face of my business. Ramsay Exports is the legal face of my business.

To get a credible email id for starting your tshirt business:

Email Address is so important for a business so as for your business too.
A business operating with a has less credibility.
When your business has an email with your business name. It will make more sense.

Use Free Zoho email apps or paid google apps for the same.

Let’s face it. which one looks good. or

For building website:

The truth is the truth.
Offline business promotion is enough then why do people so much invest in Digital Marketing.
Because selling online gives you an open window to capture a large pie of your market.

Yeah. website building cost you money but it’s worth it.

How can I build a website for my tshirts business?

You don’t have to be smart techie but a smart business person 🙂
To know about website building. it’s all about your intuition and smartness to learn & build your online brand store.

Many have the misconception,
Website building has to be in eCommerce platform only.
I have listed down for you ” the smart, easiest & cost effective ways to build your website”.

– Static website with static images of your products ( Cost Effective )
– WordPress site to list your products
– Woo-commerce – WordPress E-commerce to sell online with payment integration
– E-commerce of with Opencart or Magento with payment gateway integration
– Custom Built Framework for your highly effective & optimised website.
– use Shopify or Zepo paid service which doesn’t require any coding efforts.

You can also buy themes at approx Rs 5000 or get it free

Download from & other online website theme sellers.

Search for WordPress themes, Open Cart themes, Magento Themes, Drupal Themes, Joomla Themes & more according to your needs.
These themes will relatively cost less compared to developing it from scratch.

If you still have doubts. Call me at +91-9035368934

Servers to operate your website for starting your tshirt business:

You need to subscribe to standard hosting service to keep your website from being hacked.

I have been using Nettigritty hosting service from Bangalore, India for the past 4 years.
I am pretty happy about their email response and they take that extra mile to support if something goes wrong.

Till now, we have seen the basics of taking your t-shirt business online.
Now we are going to look deeper into the need of the hour.

Investments required to start tshirt business in India:

This is a very crucial part of any business.
To be practical and be aligned with the reality.

Start anywhere between Rs 35000 (250 Pcs) to 3 lakhs (2000 Pcs)

Depending on the market that you are gonna target & customers you acquire. You can increase or decrease. It is will be evidently clear if you are capable enough to push 2000 pcs a month. You are doing handsome sales with mention-able profits.

Keep reading through marketplaces pricing calculation to understand what we say.


Invest! Invest! Invest! on a professional photographer for your products.

I would say that another 100 times.

Without proper and stunning images. would someone or you even care to look at a product?

To make that extra sale, Invest & upload high-quality images with all details of the tshirts. Images with that minute details sell better.

Knowledge about tshirts & quality & Printing types:

Before I dig down about the tshirt types & quality,

I will put an end to this misconception.

“Higher the t shirt thickness is not equal to quality & lower the t shirt thickness doesn’t mean less quality”



Quality of the tshirt –


I will discuss faster-moving merchandise of tshirts. The most fast moving goods are

Round Neck Tshirts with print or embroidery
Polo Collar Tshirts with embroidery or print
Raglan Sleeve Melange Tshirts
Custom Hoodies
Drifit Tshirts

All the tshirt that sell in India will mostly fall in these categories only. You and I are western person by need but Indians by heart, soul & mind Right 🙂


I use to tell this to all my quality conscious customers at first front

“We are not in selling the business. We are in reorder business”

As tshirt manufacturers, I can say this.

You sell to your customer for the first time,
You only make profits that cover only the customer acquisition cost & marketing expense.

You get the repeat customers, liking and obsessed about your quality & Service,
You not only make profits. You connect and build a relationship & influence them then rest will be history.

With T shirts Quality:

You need to ensure, the tshirts or any knitted merchandise, that you make, should not have any issues mentioned below so your product will sell better & will be liked by the customers.

– Shrinkage (tshirts getting shrunk after wash affecting aesthetics)
– Fastness Issue (Color Lost from the fabric after wash)
– Cracks in Prints (A limited wear and twist stretch of the tshirt should not result in cracks of the print)
– Neps in the tshirts (lints or spun coming out of tshirts after multiple washes)
– Measurement ( this is very sensitive category where you should be spending more importance)

“T shirt manufacturing is the most important but finding a best tshirt manufacturer or tshirt supplier is equally important to get your merchandise manufactured with all aspects of aesthetics & quality”

Incase you want to discuss about tshirts. I am right here at Dinesh MJ +91-9035 36 8934. Feel free to call or On mobile Click to Whatsapp. I am happy to help & discuss any doubts that might be.


If you don’t stand out from the competitors, you are going to be just another mediocre tshirt seller.

Your design has to be unique but not necessarily complex
your design has to connect personally with customer & influence them or you don’t make a sale.

Every tshirt entrepreneur stumbles at this topic.

where do I get those breathtaking designs?
where do I find designers who can provide those stunning designs

Don’t Worry!.
I got you covered for all these doubts. – Freelancer’s portal where can get your job at $5 approx Rs 350 per design. – You have professionals who can design you top notch designs – where you can buy cool designs for your tshirts – Find some of the world’s creative people who make crazy out of the box designs.

But all of these are temporary solutions. Always keep hunting for that highly creative designer offline so it would be easier for you discuss the design needs & get the work done.

Tshirt Printing Types:

I have already covered an intensive customer oriented article on types of tshirt printing in our blog.

Read here

Connect to Dinesh MJ here

Screen Printing
Sublimation Printing
Heat Transfer Printing
All over prints
Direct To Garment (DTG)

T shirt printing tirupur

T shirt printing tirupur

Take care of all these factors. Your tshirt business & growth would be unstoppable

Whatever the design it might be!
Whatever the quality it might be.

I am right here to help you.

Contact Us – – We are tshirt manufacturers in Tirupur.

Connect to Dinesh MJ here

Knowledge & Awareness about market places:

Here comes the most important topic that people find difficult to understand.
Let’s see how your profit works with the marketplace for your tshirt business.

For your tshirt requirement,
You come to us to manufacture your tshirt. We take up your requirement.

Analyse the design and suggest you all the print tech and issues & tips along the tshirt manufacturing
We manufacture a good quality graphic round neck tshirts at Rs 160 + 5% GST = Rs 168

Now you are uploading the products to the market place and have priced the product.
Now comes the commission in the market place

Selling price: 499.00
Commission at the market place (15 to 20%)
Let’s Assume 20%: 99.8 would be the commission to be paid to the market place.

Apart from these,
you will have a closing fee or marketplace fee of Rs 10
You will have courier charge of Rs 45 (For regional or within state will be less)


Selling Price 499
Commission 20% to market place 99.8
Service Tax On Commission 17.964
Market Place Fee 10
Service Tax closing Fee 1.8
Courier Charge 45
Product Cost 168
Total sales tax to be paid after source tax cut 16.95
Total Cost 359.514
Total Profit Per Tshirt 139.486
Tax already Paid on product at source 8
Tax to be paid on selling price 24.95

This calculation is a simulation and doesn’t denote any particular market place.

Commission and charges may vary from one market place to other.
Note: Now, GST Tax might vary the taxes you pay

So if you sell a good graphic tee online, this is the close to calculation you need to look forward to.
Below mentioned are the direct access to few worthy Tshirt marketplace to mention.

These are few of the marketplaces where you can signup and start selling.

Even though profits might be less per product.

You get lots of orders which mean more turnover which means more profits


ensure to digest returns, silly complaints & replacement issues with gratitude as the customers trusted you and bought the product of yours.

It might hurt sometimes but cope up. More you care for your customers, More is their delight which will lead to more orders and less rant about your brand online which will cost you high on fixing up the ORM – Online Reputation Management.

Manage Multiple Marketplace:

Managing Multiple Market Place is tiresome right.
Don’t worry. There are tools to simplify the process. Hooray, I got you covered that as well

you subscribe to any one of these services. Integrate your products at marketplaces like amazon, flipkart, snapdeal and other marketplaces. Process orders and inventory management under one window.

Marketing in Market Places:

Every single day. Hundreds & Hundreds of wanna be tshirt entrepreneurs join market places and upload their products. so what, you are just another seller for these market places. How will your product get discovered in between those million products?

You either show up in all possible ways or get forgotten by the customers.

yes, Marketing in market places with few paid ads or sponsored ads would push your products to a considerable amount of visitors. if your quality and service are good. You will get a huge number of orders which will give meaning to the marketing expense.

Ensure, You get a rating of at least 4.2 out of 5 on your products to outsmart other tshirt sellers.

Smart ways to build your brand:

Enough of marketplace mess, You loose lot of money by paying commission to the highly funded marketplace which burns cash to acquire customers.

On the other front, it robs from the seller in terms of humongous commission & unfriendly returns & replacement cost for the seller

How to be smart:


Brand name and business name should be same or reachable online:
You are in the digital era. You should take every single advantage out of it.

Customers who like your products don’t necessarily want to buy from these market places.
You are doing pretty good on the big marketplace with high positive ratings.

Start promoting your customer satisfaction prowess from these marketplace ratings in your social media and promoting channels. Let the world know that you are legitimate and trust seller online to bring in more offline business

There are customers who can trust your ratings & could call you up to place bulk orders where you skip the market place commission & its crazy service tax.

It is possible only if your brand name or business name has a website to reach you at ease.
Personally, We have ordered products this way and made the seller smile a bit & got some smiling discounts.


Even though google has completely stopped depending on the keywords to know the intent of web page. Major marketplace still has to depend on the keywords to identify the products.

use Sensible Keywords and keep changing until you get a tangible conversion for your efforts in the description of your uploaded products

Ok. I have researched few highly searched keywords for you. Here. I have mentioned the hot keywords below that marketplace giants use to manipulate search engines in their content.

You can also use it to your advantage.

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buy full sleeve t shirts online india for ladies

buy 5xl t shirts online india

Social Media:

When you make designs. Don’t just upload on market places & sit back in that easy chair thinking that orders will come from the market place.

You have come here to do business. Every effort matters, Splash your design where ever possible.
Don’t spare even your own social media profile, People buy for you, not for your products.

when your closest circle buys, You can hear comments & improve if necessary.

Promote on facebook groups, twitter, google plus, Instagram & other fashion based social networks. Every Link shared or liked is a prospect.

if you don’t promote, your customers will forget you.

The more customers reach you directly, More money you make even if the total sales are average.

Customer Delight: Word of mouth (It will make you or break you)

Recently, We ordered an anti virus software with its value of just Rs 380.

What surprised about the seller who shipped the product is this statement in a slip.

“Your product is covered under 100% Returns & Replacement. Please do not write a negative review on us. We will resolve the issue of any kind in an amicable manner. You can reach me directly at +91-XXXXXXXXXX”

What happened is this. Faults happen, it was a wrong product. We called him up.

“He politely asked sorry for the problem and asked us to raise a return request and he sent a replacement for the same”

This is what the customer delight is all about. Now see, Boom! I bought more products from him directly.
You can also do this for your tshirt business as well.

If you are shipping directly to your trusted customer, If they find an issue of size or fit,
Don’t even think twice, Gladly tell them to return it back & ship the next size or fit or refund.

You should also make the return address clearly printed in the attachable sticker paper,
so the customer doesn’t have to find a paper and pen to write and stick on the parcel.

They just have to remove the sticker paper and fix on the parcel and send it

Even for the return courier charges, Either you provide a prepaid courier number or send charges back with the refund.


How cannot I hide an ocean by a small Island?

Yes, In tshirt business, Marketing takes a big pie to generate sales. Even though word of mouth works. But it will not lead to convincing numbers in terms of sales and profit. You will have your Profit & Loss sheet horrible if you don’t start marketing.

Guerrilla Marketing or other crazy promotional stunts can bring surge only to some extent.

At some point sooner, You got to spend at-least 40% of your profits Month on Month for marketing your tshirts to grow your tshirt business.

Use Google Adwords, Facebook ads & other paid marketing services.

Setting Goals will help you move mountains:

If you think, selling a hundred tshirts a day is cool, you have an not reached your fullest potential.

You need to set unrealistic goals and put your blood and sweat to reach at least 50% of it. Your goals & targets should give you sleepless nights.

“If you want to shine like the sun, you have to burn like it” – Adolf Hitler

If you are selling 10 tshirts per day. Set 20 tshirts per day from next week and do whatever it takes to get there.

Last but not the least: Passion

If your love for tshirt business is not strong or if you are not passionate enough, Whatever I said and guided “It’s not for you”

Be extremely indomitable to make your efforts worthwhile.

You got to understand, Not all month will have great sales.
Even as high volume tshirt manufacturers, we face this, Business will have its ups and down.

If you don’t enjoy the process, You will end up quitting at some point.

Passion, Patience & perseverance.
It’s all it takes for you to become a successful & unstoppable “TSHIRTPRENEUR”

For more information of tshirts:

Anti Profiteering explained with T shirts manufacturers
T shirt printing types for your custom t shirts – Tirupur
4 Legal tips to start your tshirt business in India

Updated September 2017: To check whether your brand name is trademarked or not.

You got to check with Ministry of Commerce & Industry
For Apparels, Incase if your starting your tshirt brand. This is the first thing that you need to do. Check for the name that you have chosen for your brand conflicts with other brands or don’t

It can be done easy. Click on the link below.

  • Enter the Name of your brand in the Wordmark Column
  • In the class column. Mention Class 25
  • Then search.
  • If there is conflict then you need to change your name or get ready to fight the company legally


I hope that you really enjoyed the article, If you have any doubt or clarification regarding Tshirt manufacturing, I am here with open arms to help you to manufacture tshirts & your merchandise. Visit or write to

Incase you want to discuss about tshirts. I am right here ” Dinesh MJ +91-9035 36 8934 ” Feel free to call or whatsapp. I am happy to help & discuss any doubts that might be.

Knowledge is free. Please Like & Share

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