Garment Exports from India to touch $50 Billion in FY-17

Garment Exports from India to touch $50 Billion in FY-17

To support garment exporters in India, Indian Government helped exporters in India with special packages and marketing plans which in turn helped Indian exporters to achieve USD 30 billion in the year the financial year of 2016 and it is expected…

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Nirmala Sitharaman said that Government will extend incentives to boost exports from India

Nirmala Sitharaman said that Government will extend incentives to boost exports

In order to boost exports from India, Hon Minister Nirmala Sitharaman has said that government will extend incentives to boost exports. May fall had been arrested and but picking of exports was slow so it is time to boost exports…

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TEA to take Textile Minister's help to accomplish FTAs with EU

TEA to take Textile Minister’s help to accomplish FTAs with EU

On behalf of export companies in tirupur, Tirupur Exporters Association sort assistance of Textile Minister Santosh Gangwar to accomplish Free Trade Agreements with European Union (EU) and many other improvement activities that will help exporters in tirupur and manufacturers in…

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Tea request minister on behalf export companies in tirupur

EPCG’s scheme affects job working units, Tirupur exports: TEA

On behalf exporters in tirupur, Tirupur Exporters Association (TEA) requested Hon Minister of Commerce Nirmala Sitharaman to cut down the condition imposed on Export Promotion Capital Goods (EPCG).  TEA President A Shaktivel keenly noted that less 30 exporting units in tirupur…

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Tirupur is set to explore use of wool in Knitting.

Garment manufacturers in Tirupur who traditionally use cotton in the yarn are set to explore wool and plan to foray into new product market. Few cotton based manufacturers have already begun using wool in the manufacturing process. Garment exporters in tirupur…

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Coir exports from India to surpass Rs 2000 crore mark in 2015-2016.

Coir Exporters from India rejoice as coir exports from India Is about to cross Rs 2000 Cr. Chairman of coir board Mr C P Radhakrishnan  has said that coir board has planned to double the coir exports from the present value in…

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3 Prevention Measures for coconut exporters in India to check in coconut exports

For coconut exporters in Tamilnadu & India, It is been very crucial in coconut exports in India of how to make the exported coconut from India to reach the buyer without any major risk and loss as coconut are reactive…

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5 surprising benefits of Coconut Charcoal from cococnut suppliers in tamilnadu

5 surprising benefits of Coconut Charcoal from coconut suppliers in tamilnadu

5 surprising benefits of Coconut Charcoal from coconut suppliers in tamilnadu. Coconut charcoal otherwise called activated charcoal obtained by the processing the remains of the coconut. The coconut shell has various uses starting to serve foods to fuel. Coconut shell…

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fluctuating prices impact turmeric exporters in erode, India

Slow exports growth on leading Spices worry turmeric exporters in India & others

There is a great global slow down due to various factors that lead to declining of commodity prices globally. This also impacted  high demand spices from India. Chilli, Jeera ( which is also called cumin seeds ) & turmeric exporters…

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Narendra Modi assures of free trade agreement with EU

Narendra Modi assures TEA for free trade agreement with EU

PM Narendra Modi assured that government of India will take action on FTA’s ( Free Trade agreement ) with the European Union  on pre-meeting held with Dr A Sakthivel, President, Tirupur Exporters Association (TEA) along with Mr B Shanmugasundaram, General Secretary and Mr P. Balasubramaniam,…

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Turmeric Significance on health - A turmeric Exporters View

Turmeric Significance on health – A turmeric Exporters View

Its been quite long that we wrote about our favorite exporting product “Turmeric” As everybody know that Turmeric is vibrant orange in color and gives more medicinal benefits when added in allowed quantity in food. As one of the turmeric exporters…

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TPP impacts on export companies in India

What is Trans Pacific Partnership (TPP) & How does it impact export companies in India

For all the export companies in India. These TPP would change the face of quality standards that they follow. Read through to know what will be the relation of India to Foreign Trade post TPP. Trans-Pacific Partnership is an agreement between US…

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5 Tips on Email Scams for Exporters in India

5 Tips on Email Scams that every exporter should avoid

The World is the world, No matter how good you are!. Email scams are happening everywhere especially for people who deal with international markets which take big risks and big revenue. We have experienced five of the email scams very…

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Onion Exports in India hits 1.5 Lakh Tonnes

India’s Onion Exports hits 1.5 Lakh Tonnes after MEP to 400$

Onion exports from India have raised to 1.5 Lakh tonne after minimum export price restrictions on Onion Bulb was lifted on Dec 24. Onion Bulb’s Minimum export price was slashed from 700$ per tonne to 400$ per tonne due to…

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Coconut Fiber Types & Process of making coconut Fibre | Coconut suppliers in tamilnadu

Its going to be an interesting topic that deals on coconut suppliers & exporters in India, Let’s see about the coconut fiber. As we know coconut has a botanically name called “Cocos nucifera” belongs to Palm family called “Arecaceae” and  is…

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Curcuma-aromatica-vs-curcuma-longa-turmeric exporters in erode

Cosmetic Turmeric vs Food Grade Turmeric Types | Turmeric Exporters in India

As one of the turmeric exporters in Erode and Tamilnadu, we have experienced our turmeric buyers from various part of the world asking questions about this peculiar question so we took some time to address what is the difference between…

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Turmeric Cultivation Facts from Turmeric exporters in India & Erode

Turmeric Cultivation Facts & its different Names – Turmeric exporters in India

We are one best turmeric exporters in erode, Tamilnadu. Having great passion over turmeric exports, we took some time to write about the turmeric on our blog. About Turmeric: Turmeric is a natural gold mine as it has an orange…

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coconut facts from coconuts suppliers from tamilnadu, pollachi,salem

Facts about Coconut & Coconut Trees :

Facts about Coconut & Coconut Trees : As one of the reliable coconut suppliers in Tamilnadu, we took some time to write about some Interesting facts about Coconut & Coconut Trees : Without coconut most of the sweets becomes incomplete…

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MOU - signed - Exporters in India & Malaysia - Export - import - bank

India – Malaysia signs MOU @ 21st Asian EXIM Banks Forum (AEBF)

MOU Signed by export import bank of India & Malaysia: Export-Import Bank of India and Export Import Bank of Malaysia Bhd had a Memorandum of Understanding signed to strengthen cooperation in financing, guaranteeing to support the projects of interest by…

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Finance Minister Mr. Arun Jaitley@ IITF for exporters in India

Finance Minister Mr. Arun Jaitley said ecosystem for exporters in India

On the closing ceremony of 14 day long International Trade Fair (IITF), Finance Minister Mr. Arun Jaitley has emphasised concerns on declining exports from India. Exporters in India face a continuous downfall for 11 months in a row. The Minister…

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