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July 06, 2017
Dinesh MJ
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Yes, GST is a more progressively implemented tax regime in India. Many are against GST without knowing what good that it may do to the nation in the long run. GST is not going to disturb who are already paying taxes to the system whereas it brings tax evaders into a properly channeled system to collect taxes.

All you know is about Gstr1 Gstr2 gstr3 and more. But you never clearly had files of invoicing and other documents in Excel format. Here we bring all the forms to smoothly run your business in GST.

Let say that you are manufacturing t shirts from a t shirt manufacturers in Tirupur. You will have the list of the documents clearly given away in Excel format below.

The below mentioned Excel format files are provided to create awareness. Might vary from one nature of the business to the other. Please consult a CA to clear your possible doubts.

Please click on each links to directly download.

OrTo download all the forms in one file ( Rar Format, Openable only in the PC)

Please click on the link mentioned below.

Download Here

Share it with your circle as well. that’s more important. We have witnessed people are looking for these forms in excel format which would also ease their business with GST implementation.

Knowledge is free. Please Like & Share

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Thank you for this data and files sir!!! I was wondering how to get invoice with latest GST


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