5 Tips on Email Scams for Exporters in India

5 Tips on Email Scams that every exporter should avoid

February 02, 2016
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The World is the world, No matter how good you are!. Email scams are happening everywhere especially for people who deal with international markets which take big risks and big revenue. We have experienced five of the email scams very often. we like to share and to be shared so any ignorant exporters who are into the export business for the first time or the one who newly handles all the computer related practises should be protected.

As one of the export companies in India, we don’t want our fellow exporters to be fooled with the help of the ignorance. We intend to open up all the gateway where an exporter can be cheated.  Read it and share this with your export friends.

1. Email Infrastructure:

Yes!. You might not know that how your emails are hacked and still will be figuring out what went wrong. Exporters in India are vulnerable to this very easy attack as they use email services provided by web design companies where many of these companies use email service from a low cost shared server ( means used and shared by 1000’s of website in the same server ). If a particular memory space of the shared server gets attacked, Your website and email space storage get vulnerability to be attacked. In the result, You will loose all your valuable emails and contact just in a second

What is the solution to this Email Infrastructure problem?.

Every exporters in India should avoid using email infrastructure provided by a shared server. Ask your email service provider or the web design company, where you host emails, about the server they use. If it is shared server, We recommend taking immediate action. There are various free third party free email services like Zoho mail ( An Indian Company ) which provides free email services with your domain name that are so secure and it is free up to 5 GB of usage. or use paid google app for business which has more services which include an email, google drive storage of 30GB, Documents and much more at Rs 1750/year per account which is undoubtedly the world’s one of the most secured email services. which has two step verification to open your email.

2. Free buyers list in a pdf or links or same kind:

It is the most dangerous form of the email scam that is happening for the exporters in India. Don’t fall into a trap of getting the buyers list by clicking on the link or entering your information on PDF to get these buyers list.

For example, we received an email containing a pdf file and have email subject of “Get 1000 Buyers information of Far east countries for free”. As we are aware of this kind of scams, we were very cautious while handling this email. here is what we did, we downloaded the file. we didn’t open it. We tried opening it in another system which didn’t have the internet connection. The file opened directly in the google chrome browser where it asked for our name, email and the password to open the pdf file. We gave a non-valid email id and password. The file reloaded and said that we have forwarded your email id and you will receive the buyers list on email and nothing turned around

What happens here. Your email id and password is stolen and will be hacked without any problem. All your business information, contacts & transaction information will go visible to the one who has your information.

What is the solution to this problem of Free buyers list in a pdf or links or some kind:

  1. Never enter your password anywhere on the internet. Nobody provides free buyers list.
  2. Subscribe to paid email services like google or other services. which will have better spam detection or bad email detection systems.
  3. Clear your cache so that your password stored in junk files doesn’t get exposed to web spiders.

3. Investment or Loan Providers emails from other countries :

This is one of the popular scam emails that we receive. An email will read that they assist on financial help for exporters across the world and they are willing to offer loan money with less interest that no entity would provide. They would tell the exporter to deposit the certain pre-money as an administrative cost. The final result is that you will not get any loan or the money and you will slowly stop hearing from these people even though you have their contact details.

What is the solution to this problem ?:

Never invest any pre-money to any unknown broker or middleman to an investor or the bank. As business protocol, this kind of practice is never entertained.

4. Emails asking to send samples of your product:

We always get this kind of emails. The emails subject would read 

” 1000000 T-shirts needed for an NGO”

The email would read. We have an order of 1000000 t-shirts for an NGO based in some country but we want to look into physical samples to qualify your product for the order. They will provide an address to send the products.

What is the solution to the problem?:

Never send any product free of cost to any companies. Charge for the product that you are sending and don’t take shipping charges as well. Ask the buyer for prepaid courier card so that buyer pays at the time of delivery for the shipping charges.

5. SEO Services & Internet Marketing Emails (Biggest Scam of all):

Many web design companies across India has this idea of fooling business owners of providing top ranking in google. Email subject would read
“Rank 10 top keywords on google in three months”

These are the companies who don’t know about SEO or Internet Marketing or use unethical ways to bring rankings for your website which may lead to penalty of neglecting your website from search engines like google and bing. SEO is the time-consuming process which has standards and rules to be followed to rank better. Old days are gone. 

What is the solution to this problem ?:

Don’t fall into the trap of ranking in just three months.

Ask for the complete strategy of SEO and implementation road map for your website.
Ask for reports, ranking status for every week for individual keywords.
Ask for which practise they do “white hat or black hat”


 “SEO on Google at Rs 5000”

Almost all the web design companies across India charge these useless money for basic SEO while building up the website. Basic SEO will not bring any rankings. It is just filling of information that these companies should do as a part of building the business owner website.

What is the solution to this problem ?:

While you build a website with a web design company. All be keen and tell the developer to do few things that we have listed below:

  1. Meta Title.
  2. Meta Description.
  3. Meta Keywords.
  4. H1, H2, H3, H4 tags.
  5. Social Media Page creation.

these are only things that  these companies will do as a part of Rs 5000 scheme which is very basic and not worth the money so, force the companies or the web developer to include the above mentioned in the website development package.

Finally, Every business owner has to understand that business connect with the buyer and the business is more important than anything.

So try avoid all these simple mistakes that can prevent you from losing out big. More information visit http://tirupurexportcompany.com/blog

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